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Regeneration - An Echo Hunter 367 Novel

Stacey Berg

The QWERTY MAN - Type Swipe Don't believe the hype

Dan Savery Raz

King Javan's Year

Katherine Kurtz

The Bishop's Heir

Katherine Kurtz


Steven R. Boyett

Newton's Cannon

Greg Keyes

A Different Flesh

Harry Turtledove

Caesar's Bicycle

John Barnes

Patton's Spaceship

John Barnes

Washington's Dirigible

John Barnes


Robert Silverberg

Hot Sky at Midnight

Robert Silverberg

By the Blood of Heroes - The Great Undead War: Book I

Joseph Nassise

The Yiddish Policemen's Union - A Novel

Michael Chabon

Into Winter - The Armed Invasion

Larry Landgraf

The Timeline Wars - The Complete Series

John Barnes

Believe and Live - The Horrific Prelude to Broken Mirror

Cody Sisco

Broken Mirror

Cody Sisco

Tortured Echoes

Cody Sisco

The Amaranth Chronicles - Deviant Rising

Alexander Barnes, Christopher Preiman

The End We Start From

Megan Hunter

Chaco - A Dystopian Survival Tale with an Unlikely Hero

Peggy A. Wheeler


Zac Thompson

The Family Line

Russ Crossley

The Doll's Alphabet

Camilla Grudova

The Rift Uprising - The Rift Uprising Trilogy Book 1

Amy S. Foster

Heavens on Earth

Carmen Boullosa

The Penguin Sleeps With The Fishes - A Yellow and Bird Mystery

Russ Crossley

After the Flare - A Novel

Bryce Olukotun Deji

End of Empire

Russ Crossley