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A Hitman for Hannah - cover

A Hitman for Hannah

Jan Springer

Publisher: Jan Springer

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Hannah Roberts is a clone, a breeding Slave designed solely for the purpose of producing healthy offspring for an ailing human race. But she longs for the forbidden—her freedom and the dangerous man she can never have. With her breeding status about to commence, Hannah escapes her captors and is on the run for her life. 
Trained to be a cold-blooded killing machine, the only light in Jacob Romero’s life is a beautiful Slave whose sweet innocence brands his heart and awakens dark desires he never knew he had. Assigned to hunt her down and kill her, he’s seriously injured when he instead saves her life. 
Now they are fugitives from the only world they’ve ever known and Hannah nurses the wounded Hitman she’s always wanted. Soon their attraction ignites into a fire neither can deny. But their forbidden love will face one final challenge as they prepare to escape into a harsh new life in the Free States. 

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    The 100 Foot Erotic Bombshell

    Candy Kross

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    James was a scientist in a top-secret laboratory. The lab he had built and was working diligently in for years was located in the mountains of Colorado. No one suspected that there was a lab located there and when it was being built, he was very discreet about it. Only a handful of people knew about the lab and no one knew of his experiments he was conducting. Which for James was good, but at this moment, was bad, because he had no one to come and help save him.    James’ family was very wealthy and the money to support his experiments financed the lab and all his expenses. He had been dreaming of building this lab for years. He wanted to create the perfect woman, but somehow and somewhere, something went terribly wrong.     He had succeeded in building the perfect woman. She was a bombshell. She was beautiful, intelligent and sexy… but she was also 100 feet tall! Where did he go wrong? James wondered as he fought for his life.    James had bought fetuses on the black market and cloned them and used their stem cells for his experiments and research. He had only used fetuses that came from the perfect DNA. He had written all his formulas down in books, which he had stacked in piles in his office lab.     He had set up a computer program to help generate the right formulas and growth hormone levels to add to the fetuses and injected them with the growth hormones to make them grow quicker and faster.     Some of the fetuses didn't make it, due to the hormone growth serum being too much and too quickly accelerated. Others began to grow and grow and then would reach a certain height and then die in their sleep.    But not with Amber, she had survived the growth hormones and was ready for the final phase. James was up late one night when the breakthrough finally came. He had found the perfect formula, one that he had miscalculated so many times, which resulted in the death of the fetus.     James keyed in his formulas into the computer, but what he hadn't realized and wouldn't realize until it was far too late, was that he mistakenly punched in a decimal point into the wrong place!    Instead of .20 he had keyed in 20. Which happened to be the amount of growth hormones he needed to inject into the female fetus. He then used the formula he had mistakenly keyed in and administered the 20cc’s of growth hormones, twenty times the amount, instead of the .20 that he was supposed to. He then went to bed and during the night, as he was sleeping, Amber began to grow and grow and grow and grow. Within a week Amber was a 100 foot woman!
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  • Domination 4 - 6 - Domination - cover

    Domination 4 - 6 - Domination

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    Ruthless, hard, and dominating.  
    In these three standalone stories, young woman find themselves with older men who crumble every barrier of resistance in their bodies. They are coaxed to abandon their virtues and so much more... 
    Unchained Desires 
    Anne Mitchell isn't a stranger to carnal desires. After all, she's employed in the House of Lust, where pleasure and pain are all in the day's work. 
    When two black alpha males walk into the house and pay for an hour of her time, she quickly finds out that she just needed the right kind of domination. 
    Anthony and Dante know their ways around toys. More importantly, they know exactly what they want to do with Anne to make her scream. 
    Biker's Chains 
    I woke up in chains, my body covered in bruises I didn't remember getting. My wrists were bound behind my back and my ankles shackled to a metal rode three feet apart, keeping my legs spread wide. I didn't believe Adam when he told me his love for me was forever. 
    I was going to pay dearly for that. 
    It has been four years since the worst day of Mia's life. She wants to put the past behind her and move on, but the past has a way of catching up to people. 
    There was no running away this time... 
    Beach Surrender 
    College student Callie Smith thinks her dominating professor and boyfriend is just taking her on a relaxing holiday by the beach. She couldn't have been more wrong. 
    After undressing her in an airplane with the help of a complete stranger, he hogties her in the middle of a beach and walks away. She finds herself completely at the mercy of the nameless strangers around her and it doesn't take long for the beachgoers to start doing more than look... 
    If you're into steamy short stories with hot alpha males, then step right in...
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  • I Is for Irene - cover

    I Is for Irene

    Kelly Addams

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    Meet Irene, happily married but unaware that she is in a rut, her husband Clive works offshore on an oil rig and is away for months, but this time he comes back home with an idea in mind. Irene once shared a wild erotic fantasy with him, and although years have passed he now knows just how to make it come true. Will she agree... and will it rekindle the passion they once shared?
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  • Love Life and New York - Part True Part Fiction - cover

    Love Life and New York - Part...

    Shantam Dhaanak

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    "But how will I know shes my soul mate
    Soul mate; two small words with one huge meaning. A soul mate is someone you can open up to in every way possible. A seventeen year old Deven Dhaanak was startled when his Father asked him to leave for New York to fulfill the goals he had set for him. Leaving behind his family and friends, Deven had to start a new life in New York. The one person that he wanted to be with, Harshaali (his soul mate) was going to be thousands of miles away from him.
    Not being able to communicate with the love of his life and all the awful things that he had to experience at such a young age broke him in half. What unfolds in an unforgettable story about love, relationship, career and family that demonstrates the many ways love can break our hearts.and how special people heal them..!!
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  • Paranormal Witch Romance - Paranormal Romance Bundles #1 - cover

    Paranormal Witch Romance -...

    J. Jasper

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    This is a paranormal pregnancy erotica bundle containing FOUR steaming hot shorts. 
    Paranormal Urban Fantasy Erotica Bundle... Smoking hot! 
    This erotica bundle contains four different stories with young women and older men. The young women are African American witches who fall in love with dashing white men and end up pregnant... Read the story descriptions for each one below:  
    Baby for the Coven  
    Monique is the only woman of child bearing age in a coven of black witches desperate to continue their line. Her mother and grandmother insist that she undergo a paranormal pregnancy to continue the line and give her specific criteria of who should become the father of her child.  
    Monique meets a sexy white man John who seems to fit all the specifications. After a long night of passion, Monique finds herself pregnant. But there's something odd about John, and Monique can't seem to get him out of her head...  
    Could he be more than a one night stand?  
    Her Magic Pregnancy  
    BWWM Urban fantasy erotica... with a twist!  
    Adami comes from a long line of African American witches and she's known about her powers her entire life. She chooses to live in secrecy in the suburbs, attempting to lead a normal life.  
    Life can't stay normal for long and Adami is beginning to feel urges inside of her and she feels the awakening of desires she didn't even know she had. Adami is desperate, not only for love, but for a child. It's time for the witch to get bred, but there seems to be no chance of that at all.  
    Black Witch Impregnation  
    Tasha has moved to the suburbs to live a normal life after a massive die off of her kind. Yes, she's a black witch living in the modern era, keeping her identity a secret from everyone around her in the 'burbs.  
    But witches are in crisis and to continue the race, she must undergo a paranormal pregnancy and produce an heir.  
    First, Tasha needs to find the perfect candidate for breeding. Along comes her sexy neighbor Jake, a Caucasian outdoorsman with everything she could want in a baby daddy. This young man falls head over heels for Tasha and successfully seeds her.  
    Tasha is bred...  
    Pregnancy is difficult for Tasha and she has to face her coven to figure out why her life has become so damned hard since a baby started growing inside her.  
    When she finds out the shocking truth about what's growing in her womb, she knows she has to see Jake again... something just isn't right.  
    The Virgin Witch  
    BWWM Urban Fantasy Erotica with billionaires!  
    Sapphire was a twenty year old African American virgin who had worked throughout her high school years to get enough money to go to college. Her mother was a witch on the run from her coven who just wanted her daughter to have a normal life. But life without witchcraft can take a toll on witches and Sapphire was now broke and forced to fend for herself.  
    She's desperate for cash, and sex sells... First time sex with a billionaire?  
    Billionaires with tastes for black women want one thing... to risk impregnating them. So that's what Sapphire signed up for, uncertain of what she was getting herself into.  
    Pregnant with a witch and with no one to turn to, Sapphire realizes that she must return to the coven. But what about the older billionaire who fathered her child? 
    Reader discretion advised. For readers 18+ only.
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  • Big Billionaires' Club #2: Wrecking Jason - Big Billionaires' Club #2 - cover

    Big Billionaires' Club #2:...

    Robyn Hunter

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    Adult movie star Jason is desperate. He wants out of his contract and the adult entertainment industry, but his manager Martin is proving to be a problem. 
    That’s he receives an offer from a mysterious stranger: One night of wild, unprotected sex with six dominant older men. His total submission to their every wish. In exchange for one million dollar and legal aid. 
    Jason doesn’t hesitate for long and agrees. But what do these powerful billionaires have in store for him? What if one of them wants to use his fist?
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