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The Armenian Table Cookbook - 165 treasured recipes that bring together ancient flavors and 21st-century style - cover

The Armenian Table Cookbook - 165 treasured recipes that bring together ancient flavors and 21st-century style

Victoria Jenanyan Wise

Publisher: Clairview Books

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'There are some fine recipes here that you're not likely to find elsewhere... If you're looking for a new cuisine to explore, this is very satisfying.' - New York Daily News
'For cooks, it's Armenian 101 and much more - a great way to learn about the cuisine. Wise has made a concerted effort to make the recipes approachable and easy to execute.' - Los Angeles Daily News
A veteran cookbook author returns to her delicious culinary heritage in this savoury and passionate recipe collection.
Victoria Jenanyan Wise grew up with the flavours, scents and seasonings of Armenian cooking - a cuisine that combines Mediterranean tastes with Persian, Arabic and Russian accents. In her first Armenian cookbook, Wise presents traditional favourites and inspired contemporary variations.
The author takes us on a comprehensive tour of the typical Armenian pantry, with its nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, fragrant extracts and wealth of fresh ingredients. Each chapter begins with advice and commentary on essentials, such as fresh yogurt, starters (maza), breads, salads, pilafs, meatballs and other meat, fish and vegetable dishes as well as sweets. There is also a chapter on the Armenian people and its homeland.
Recipes include:
- Lavosh, Armenian pizzas, and other savoury breads
- Shish kebab, moussaka, and other lamb dishes
- Baked and roast chicken prepared with yogurt, dill, turmeric and pomegranate
- Grilled mackerel with lemon and dill; red snapper stew with tomato and artichokes
- Stuffed vegetables (dolmas) and stuffed vine leaves
- Baklava and other fillo-pastry sweets; lemon yogurt cake, yogurt panna cotta with cherry sauce; almond and rice-flour pudding with toasted almond slices.
This authentic and warm-hearted cookbook will be met by a ready audience of Armenians, as well as lovers of Greek, Turkish, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines, and other culinary adventurers.
Available since: 12/15/2020.
Print length: 320 pages.

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