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Vegetarian Keto Diet - 80 Easy & Delicious Low-Carb High-Fat Plant-Based Recipes to Lose Weight Fast Boost Energy and Improve Mental Health Includes a 7-Day Diet Meal Plan & Nutrition Facts - cover

Vegetarian Keto Diet - 80 Easy & Delicious Low-Carb High-Fat Plant-Based Recipes to Lose Weight Fast Boost Energy and Improve Mental Health Includes a 7-Day Diet Meal Plan & Nutrition Facts

Sandra Dalton

Publisher: Julia

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If you are a vegetarian and want to support a Ketogenic Diet, this book is for you! 
 Following the tasty plant-based recipes in Keto Diet for Vegetarians can help with weight loss, prevention of inflammatory and boost energy. You can learn more about benefits of vegetarian keto diet, and then use a ready 7-day meal plan to get started right away.
 In this cookbook, you get about 80 amazing and easy-to-make recipes (all meatless) with high amount of useful fats and protein will help provide the ketones you need.
 In this cookbook, you will find out:
 What the Ketogenic diet for Vegetarians is, and what are the benefits for your health?
What to eat and what to avoid in the plant-based keto diet?
What Guidelines you need to following a Moderate Vegetarian Keto Diet
A 7-day plant-based food meal plan
 Each recipe includes full-color image and nutrient facts.
 Discover some healthy recipes on a keto diet you will find on this meal plan:
French Toasts with Blueberries
Peanut Butter Yogurt Smoothie
Creamy Red Gazpacho
Vegetarian Club Salad
Spinach & Zucchini Lasagna
Caprese Portobello
Fried Goat Cheese
Olive & Herb Focaccia
Glazed Almond Cake
Tomato Sauce
5-Minute Pesto
and much more!
Don’t wait anymore and order your copy of the Vegetarian Keto Diet.
Available since: 06/06/2022.
Print length: 158 pages.

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    TRANCE HEALING VOLUME 1 - Entering the supernatural shows that there is much more to you than you think.
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    Wie das geht, übersinnlich leben, und was es Dir im Leben bringt, wenn du mit Kräften der geistigen Welt zusammenarbeitest, das steht in diesem Buch. Zudem räumt es mit Mythen und Vorurteilen der Esoterik auf und klärt, wie Medialität funktioniert und was du integriert im normalen Alltag tun kannst, damit deine geistigen Heilfähigkeiten wachsen und gedeihen.
    TRANCE HEALING VOLUME 1 - Entering the supernatural zeigt, dass in Dir weit mehr steckt, als Du denkst.
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