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MaryJane's Cast Iron Kitchen - cover

MaryJane's Cast Iron Kitchen

MaryJane Butters

Publisher: Gibbs Smith

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The must-have cookbook that puts cast iron myths to rest and features more than 100 recipes utilizing skillets, griddles, Dutch ovens and other pans.   Preparing meals in this tried-and-true, non-toxic cookware just got easier with MaryJane’s farmhouse recipes, cooking tips, and cookware care.   With step-by-step instructions and beautiful photography, the author and founder of MaryJanesFarm organic lifestyle magazine guides readers through creating such cast iron-friendly dishes as Asparagus and Mushroom Quiche with Potato Crust, Chicken and Biscuit Skillet Pie, Ham Dinner on the Half Peel, and Rhubarb-Raspberry Pandowdy. The recipes for breads, breakfasts, soups, casseroles, main dishes, pies, and other desserts are sure to satisfy the hungriest of appetites.   “It’s not just cookware, it’s Annie Oakley. Daniel Boone. In a league of its own, no other cookware can come anywhere close to giving you chicken so crisp you’ll never think nuggets again or a pot roast so fall-apart tender that no matter how you dice it, you won’t be needing to slice it. Or a Dutch baby so perfectly stand-up crisp around the edges yet silky soft in the middle, the lyrics to ‘Cry Like a Baby’ get stuck in your head.”—MaryJane Butters, from the Author’s Note
Available since: 09/05/2017.
Print length: 224 pages.

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  • Preserves & Pickles - cover

    Preserves & Pickles

    Gloria Nicol

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    Delicious and original recipes for 100 different pickles and preserves, from fruit-filled jams, jellies and marmalades, to tasty curds, cordials and chutneys.
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  • The 100 Foods You Should be Eating - How to Source Prepare and Cook Healthy Ingredients - cover

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    Glen Matten

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    Healthy eating is within everyone’s reach in this simple guide to buying, preparing, and cooking one hundred delicious and nutritious foods. Packed full of recipes, information, and guidance, 100 Foods You Should be Eating is a book for anyone who wants to take a simpler approach to health and good food. It has been written with one thing in mind: to make us think differently about the food we buy and eat. Award-winning author of The Health Delusion, Glen Matten, gives us a straight-talking take on the best way to buy, prepare, and cook the best ingredients—and it really is easy. The details of each of the one hundred foods cover all the information you need, including what it is, health benefits, the best way to buy, cook, and store it, and a simple recipe or serving suggestion. New diets appear all the time with promises for drastic weight loss and better health, while the supermarket shelves are full of products that have bits put in, bits taken out, “healthy” ranges, low-fat alternatives and fortified foods—not to mention exotic new “health” ingredients. The fact is that eating good nutritious food doesn’t have to be this complicated. Organized into eight chapters that reflect the way we eat (Breakfast, The Munchies, Lunch on the Go, Strapped for Cash, Summer Living, Friends Round, Fast Food, Lazy Sundays, Kids, and Desserts and Drinks) the book is extremely easy to use and includes photographs of recipes as well as ingredients.“If you think that healthy eating is all about eating “rabbit food,” foods that are expensive and foods that are difficult and time-consuming to prepare, then this book will turn everything you think you know about healthy living on its head…. Glen proves that healthy food doesn’t mean food that is tasteless, dull and bland.”—Norwich Evening News
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