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WILD WEST Boxed Set: 150+ Western Classics in One Volume - Cowboy Adventures Yukon & Oregon Trail Tales Famous Outlaw Classics Gold Rush Adventures The Last of the Mohicans Rimrock Trail…) - cover

WILD WEST Boxed Set: 150+ Western Classics in One Volume - Cowboy Adventures Yukon & Oregon Trail Tales Famous Outlaw Classics Gold Rush Adventures The Last of the Mohicans Rimrock Trail…)

Mark Twain, Jack Williamson, Washington Irving, James Fenimore Cooper, Stephen Crane, O. Henry, Bret Harte, James Oliver Curwood, Frederic Remington, Ann S. Stephens, Will Lillibridge, Emerson Hough, Willa Cather, Zane Grey, Owen Wister, Charles King, Andy Adams, Robert W. Chambers, Robert E. Howard, Marah Ellis Ryan, Max Brand, Charles Alden Seltzer, Frank H. Spearman, J. Allan Dunn, B.M. Bower, R. M. Ballantyne, Grace Livingston Hill, Jackson Gregory, Dane Coolidge, Frederic Homer Balch, Forrestine C. Hooker, Francis William Sullivan, Charles Siringo, Isabel E. Ostrander

Publisher: MVP

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This collection of world's greatest western novels and stories include rip roarin' cowboy adventures, tales of the famous outcasts, the heroes of the Wild West, conniving villains and intriguing sagas:

- Andy Adams
- Ann S. Stephens
- B. M. Bower
- Bret Harte
- Charles Alden Seltzer
- Charles King
- Charles Siringo
- Dane Coolidge
- Emerson Hough
- Forrestine C. Hooker
- Frank H. Spearman
- Frederic Homer Balch
- Frederic Remington
- Grace Livingston Hill
- Isabel E. Ostrander
- J. Allan Dunn
- Jack London
- Jackson Gregory
- James Fenimore Cooper
- James Oliver Curwood
- Marah Ellis Ryan
- Mark twain
- Max Brand
- O. Henry
- Owen Wister
- R. M. Ballantyne
- Robert W. Chambers
- Robert E. Howard
- Stephen Crane
- Washington Irving
- Will Lillibridge
- Willa Cather
- Zane Grey
Available since: 12/31/2019.

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