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Free Your Feet - How Barefoot Walking Can Change Your Life - cover

Free Your Feet - How Barefoot Walking Can Change Your Life

Limits Transcend Your

Publisher: Publishdrive

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Free Your Feet is a brand new look at the lifestyle of walking barefoot. 
Your shoes are actually making your feet WEAKER.
You’ve been training your feet to be weak, your whole life.
In fact it’s worse than that, by wearing shoes you’re stopping your body discharge dangerous atoms known as ‘FREE RADICALS’ which if left untouched with no escape contribute to (or directly cause) many chronic conditions. 
Free radicals are BAD! 
They’re so bad in fact, that they’ve been linked with the causing or acceleration of dozens of really serious, fatal diseases. And we all produce them every day, in our bodies. Now you’re probably thinking, why would our bodies produce them if they’re dangerous?
And it’s not that they’re so bad, it’s just that if TOO MANY are produced and left for TOO LONG in the body, they start causing problems, pretty rapidly. 
And that’s the problem. We used to walk everywhere with no shoes on, and discharge our free radicals into the ground every night and all throughout the day. But now, what do we do? We insulate our feet with rubber shoes, so the free radicals stay in the body.
Now, feet aren’t the whole problem, it’s also diet, and I’m sure you’ve heard the term ‘antioxidant’ and know it’s good for you in some way? This is very much the same thing. So free radicals can be FLUSHED from your system by waling barefoot, IN THE RIGHT WAY and at the right times.
More on that later, but there’s more…
Your POSTURE when you wear shoes
When you wear a shoe, you posture and muscles suffer massively.
You can’t notice it though, and it can’t easily be seen by looking at someone. That’s why most people don’t know they have a problem.
That is, until they end up at the doctors because their spine is out of line, or their neck is seized up, or they have knee or foot problems.. Or anything else like that! You see, posture problems aren’t obvious usually, unless they’re REALLY bad.
That doesn’t mean they’re not serious though. By wearing shoes you’re actually damaging your posture and health, and you’re making your muscles weaker. You have probably been fooled by the marketing of big shoe companies to think that you need their shoes for the ‘arch support’.
That’s not the case.
You need the arch support BECAUSE you’re wearing the shoe.. Not the other way around. So if you just took the shoe off, you wouldn’t need the arch support. Think about it, no animal is born with shoes, and no human is either.
We don’t need them, but more importantly, they’re damaging our feet and posture among other things.
Every day that you wear shoes, you’re making your feet weaker, and more likely to become injured in the future. The muscles and stabilising tendons around the foot and legs are NOT used when you wear most types of shoe. 
In fact, they’re just left to wither, to the point that MILLIONS of people suffer every year from foot troubles that would be avoided if they didn’t wear shoes.
It’s like if you broke your leg and used crutches. The crutches help at first, but if you KEEP using them, you don’t build up the strength to walk on your own. Your muscles fade away, and eventually, you’re weaker and not able to walk properly.
It’s the same thing with shoes, every day you wear them, you’re making your feet weaker, because they don’t ever NEED to develop the muscles and tendons that you were born with, to enable you to walk unaided. 
So anyway, I obviously ended up doing a lot of research on all of this, over the years. That research became more and more in depth and interesting, and I thought I’d finally put it into a book format and offer it to you guys.
I’ve presented it in a really interesting and informative way in this guide, but in a way that’s actually fun to read. I’ve created a detailed PDF book guide to walking barefooted, and why you’d want to do so. I explain lots of things in this guide..
What you’ll learn in ‘Free Your Feet’
In the detailed, concise PDF guide you’ll learn the following: 
Exactly how traditional shoes damage your feet, ruin your posture and cause all sorts of foot related problems
How to start walking barefoot safely, and get ALL of the best benefits with none of the risks
How to reduce the number of free radicals in your body which can improve many areas of your health and fight all the negative effects we mentioned before
The types of shoe that AREN’T AS BAD for your feet as most (But the chances are, you’ve never heard of these, and they look TOTALLY different to what you’d expect)
How to ground yourself even if you don’t live near any actual ground or soil/grass
How big shoe companies trick you into needing or wanting shoes, without really having anything to back up their claims
The most dangerous type of shoe you could possibly wear, and why it’s so bad for you!
The strange thing you can do to release free radicals and neutralise the inflammation in your body
How to carefully walk barefoot and do it safely in adverse weather conditions which most would consider too dangerous to walk barefoot in
The secret to building up ‘foot armour’ that will enable you to walk over conker shells, thorns and even glass within just a few weeks
My massive mistake that I made when first starting to walk barefoot, and how you can avoid doing the same thing
What 90% of people who walk barefoot are actually doing WRONG and how you can do it right
Plus of course, loads more.
Available since: 02/17/2022.

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