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Nutrition For Kids - cover

Nutrition For Kids

Kristy Jenkins

Publisher: Publisher s21598

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The COVID-19 Outbreak has made the importance of kids nutrition more important than  before . Whether they are just born toddlers, or pre-schoolers, a healthy nutritional diet is a necessity; lack of it can cause malnourishment, leading to various diseases and improper development.
The UNICEF Report Says, one of the main causes of child mortality worldwide can be attributed to under nutrition
Thankfully, they have been massively spared from the direct health effects of the pandemic. But children’s wellbeing is profoundly affected by the crisis due to poor diet, mental health impact, social isolation, addiction to screens, and many more…
Uncover Efficient Kids Nutritional Strategies To Maintain Their Dietary Requirements, Improve Their Immunity Power, And Boost Their Growth For Better Foundation Of Good Health!!!
Today, it become even more crucial for young children to have a nutritious diet, covering their complete dietary requirements and thus, ensuring a healthier today and tomorrow.
In the present situation, the lack of nutrition in children is becoming even more hazardous than usual. In fact, this is the time when their bar of nutrition intake should be highest.
The consequences of malnutrition in children’s life are extremely serious, especially when we talk about under nutrition particularly.
A balanced diet enables children to thrive and grow up to be healthy adults.
Even before taking birth, the development of the child in the mother’s womb hugely depends on the mother’s preconception nutritional status. This explains how important nutrition is for a child’s body build-up.
A child’s healthy development is not complete without proper intake of nutrition. Hence, under nutrition is a major issue increasing day by day worldwide.
Once the importance of good nutrition is instilled in children, it remains with them in guiding them to live a positive, sustainable, and healthy lifestyle.
With that being said, let’s check out some facts here…
-Around 7.5 per cent of children younger than five years old were considered overweight in Latin America and the Caribbean.
-In 1995, the prevalence of obesity among 15 to 19-year-olds was 5.6 per cent, by now this share had increased to 8.1 per cent.
-Those below 18 years of age comprise about 8.5 per cent of coronavirus cases and fewer deaths globally.
-According to malnutrition estimates, stunting numbers (in millions) affected were around 149.2.
-Overweight prevalence in children aged 0-59 months is around 5.7 % globally.
-Wasting prevalence and numbers affected (millions) in children aged 0-59 months is around 13.6.
-The Global Burden of Disease study estimates 11 million (1 in 5 deaths) deaths are globally associated with poor diet and dietary habits.
Access To Proper Nutritious Food Is The Basic Necessity For Securing Children From Disabilities And Diseases!
A healthy nutritious diet aids in building the foundation strong in children with regards to imbibing good eating habits right from childhood and staying healthy.
The three most crucial benefits of early childhood nutrition are:
-Building resistance to various infectious diseases
Rather, it should be all about providing fresh, wholesome food containing all the essential nutrients for kids.
No matter what kids eat in present, it’s never too late to change their diet, paving a path that leads them to a happier and healthier life.
Proudly Presenting…Nutrition For Kids
A comprehensive guide that will help you learn how to provide adequate nutrition to children… So when they intake food, each bite contains as many nutrients as possible!   

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