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Thanksgiving Tales for Children - 40+ Tales in One Volume: Mrs November's Party A Dear Little Girl's Thanksgiving Holidays Millionaire Mike's Thanksgiving The White Turkey's Wing A Mystery in the Kitchen and many more - cover

Thanksgiving Tales for Children - 40+ Tales in One Volume: Mrs November's Party A Dear Little Girl's Thanksgiving Holidays Millionaire Mike's Thanksgiving The White Turkey's Wing A Mystery in the Kitchen and many more

George Eliot, Louisa May Alcott, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Andrew Lang, Eleanor H. Porter, Eugene Field, Edward Everett Hale, Susan Coolidge, Hezekiah Butterworth, Sarah Orne Jewett, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Albert F. Blaisdell, Alice Wheildon, Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, Amy Ella Blanchard, Maud Lindsay, Olive Thorne Miller, P. J. Stahl, C. A. Stephens, Phila Butler Bowman, Katherine Grace Hulbert, Isabel Gordon Curtis, Eleanor L. Skinner, Sheldon C. Stoddard, Kate Upson Clark, Francis K. Ball, Winthrop Packard, R. K. Munkittrick, E. S. Brooks, Agnes Carr, J. T. Trowbridge, Emily Hewitt Leland, Sophie Swett, Fannie Wilder Brown, Annie Hamilton Donnell, Edna Payson Brett, Pauline Shackleford Colyar, H. R. Schoolcraft, Rose Terry Cooke, Mrs. Alfred Gatty, Miss L. B. Pingree

Publisher: e-artnow

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e-artnow presents to you a collection of the most beloved and touching tales of Thanksgiving:
An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving (Louisa May Alcott)
The First Thanksgiving (Albert F. Blaisdell, Francis K. Ball)
Aunt Susanna's Thanksgiving Dinner (Lucy Maud Montgomery)
The Genesis of the Doughnut Club (Lucy Maud Montgomery)
An English Dinner of Thanksgiving (George Eliot)
Ezra's Thanksgivin' Out West (Eugene Field)
John Inglefield's Thanksgiving (Nathaniel Hawthorne)
Helen's Thanksgiving (Susan Coolidge)
Thanksgiving at the Polls (Edward Everett Hale)
Millionaire Mike's Thanksgiving (Eleanor H. Porter)
The Thanksgiving of the Wazir (Andrew Lang)
The Master of the Harvest (Mrs. Alfred Gatty)
How We Kept Thanksgiving at Oldtown (Harriet Beecher Stowe)
The Queer Little Baker Man (Phila Butler Bowman)
A Turkey for the Stuffing (Katherine Grace Hulbert)
Mrs. November's Party (Agnes Carr)
The Debut of Dan'l Webster (Isabel Gordon Curtis)
The Kingdom of the Greedy (P. J. Stahl)
Thankful (Mary E. Wilkins Freeman)
Beetle Ring's Thanksgiving Mascot (Sheldon C. Stoddard)
Mistress Esteem Elliott's Molasses Cake (Kate Upson Clark)
Thanksgiving at Todd's Asylum (Winthrop Packard)
Wishbone Valley (R. K. Munkittrick)
Patem's Salmagundi (E. S. Brooks)
Miss November's Dinner Party (Agnes Carr)
The Story of Ruth and Naomi (Bible)
Bert's Thanksgiving (J. T. Trowbridge)
How Obadiah Brought About a Thanksgiving (Emily Hewitt Leland)
The White Turkey's Wing (Sophie Swett)
The Thanksgiving Goose (Fannie Wilder Brown)
A Novel Postman (Alice Wheildon)
Chip's Thanksgiving (Annie Hamilton Donnell)
A Thanksgiving Dinner (Edna Payson Brett)
Two Old Boys (Pauline Shackleford Colyar)
1800 and Froze to Death (C. A. Stephens)
Mon-daw-min (H. R. Schoolcraft)
A Mystery in the Kitchen (Olive Thorne Miller)
Who Ate the Dolly's Dinner? (Isabel Gordon Curtis)
The Night before Thanksgiving (Sarah Orne Jewett)
A Dear Little Girl's Thanksgiving Holidays (Amy Ella Blanchard)
Available since: 11/08/2018.
Print length: 659 pages.

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