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Masterpieces of Mystery (Vol 1-4) - Ghost Stories Detective Stories Mystic-Humorous Stories & Whodunit Stories - cover

Masterpieces of Mystery (Vol 1-4) - Ghost Stories Detective Stories Mystic-Humorous Stories & Whodunit Stories

Edgar Allan Poe, Arthur Conan Doyle, Algernon Blackwood, Montague Rhodes James, Guy de Maupassant, William F. Harvey, Ralph Adams Cram, Robert Louis Stevenson, Wilbur Daniel Steele, Pliny the Younger, Arthur B. Reeve, Wilkie Collins, Anna Katherine Green, Anton Chekhov, Théophile Gautier, Mark Twain, Lafcadio Hearn, E.F. Benson, Arthur Machen, Brander Matthews, Cleveland Moffett, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Villiers l'Isle de Adam, William Archer, Fitz-James O'Brien, Florence Marryat, Chester Bailey Fernando, Mary E. Hanshew, Thomas W. Hanshew

Publisher: e-artnow

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Masterpieces of Mystery in Four Volumes is an anthology of mystery tales selected and meticulously edited by Joseph Lewis French. It contains various stories within mystery genre including ghost stories, detective mysteries, supernatural tales and puzzling mysteries.
Table of Contents:
Volume 1 – Ghost Stories:
The Listener (Algernon Blackwood)
Number 13 (Montague Rhodes James)
Joseph: A Story (Katherine Rickford)
The Horla( Guy de Maupassant)
The Beast with Five Fingers (William F. Harvey)
Sister Maddelena (Ralph Adams Cram)
Thrawn Janet (Robert Louis Stevenson)
The Yellow Cat (Wilbur Daniel Steele)
Letter to Sura (Pliny the Younger)
Volume 2 – Detective Stories:
The Purloined Letter (Edgar Allan Poe)
The Black Hand (Arthur B. Reeve)
The Biter Bit (Wilkie Collins)
Missing: Page Thirteen (Anna Katherine Green)
A Scandal in Bohemia (A. Conan Doyle)
The Rope of Fear (Mary E. and Thomas W. Hanshew)
The Safety Match (Anton Chekhov)
Some Scotland Yard Stories (Sir Robert Anderson)
Volume 3 – Mystic-Humorous Stories:
May-Day Eve (Algernon Blackwood)
The Diamond Lens (Fitz-James O'Brien)
The Mummy's Foot (Théopile Gautier)
Mr. Bloke's Item (Mark Twain)
A Ghost (Lafcadio Hearn)
The Man Who Went Too Far (E. F. Benson)
Chan Tow The Highrob (Chester Bailey Fernando)
The Inmost Light (Arthur Machen)
The Secret of Goresthorpe Grange (A. Conan Doyle)
The Man With The Pale Eyes (Guy de Maupassant)
The Rival Ghosts (Brander Matthews)
Volume 4 – Riddle Stories:
The Mysterious Card (Cleveland Moffett)
The Great Valdez Sapphire (Anonymous)
The Oblong Box (Edgar Allan Poe)
The Birth Mark (Nathaniel Hawthorne)
A Terribly Strange Bed (Wilkie Collins)
The Torture by Hope (Villiers de l'Isle Adam)
The Box with the Iron Clamps (Florence Marryat)
My Fascinating Friend (William Archer)
The Lost Room (Fitz-James O'Brien)
Available since: 12/22/2022.
Print length: 612 pages.

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