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The Diva Delivers on a Promise

Krista Davis

Don't You Dare

Jessica Hamilton

Island City

Laura Adamczyk

Nobody Wants Your Sh*t - The Art of Decluttering Before You Die

Messie Condo

You Should Smile More

Anastasia Ryan

Cast Into Doubt

Patricia MacDonald

Death Rides a Pony

Carol Miller

The Least Among Us

Gwen Florio

A Confederacy of Dragons

Katie MacAlister

King of Midnight

Lara Adrian

The Holiday Trap

Roan Parrish

It's Not Nothing

Courtney Denelle

The Mill

Cailyn Lloyd

Getting To Good Riddance

Jodie Eckleberry-Hunt

Blowin' Up A Murder

Tonya Kappes

The Perfect Neighborhood

Liz Alterman

Some Maintenance Required

Marie-Renée Lavoie

Acropolis Now - A Billionaire Romantic Comedy

Katie MacAlister

Her Dying Day

Mindy Carlson

Take Your Breath Away - A Novel

Linwood Barclay

A Black and Endless Sky

Matthew Lyons

The Fool Dies Last

Carol Miller

Unabashed Women - The Fascinating Biographies of Bad Girls Seductresses Rebels and One-of-a-Kind Women

Marlene Wagman-Geller

Do I Know You? - A Novel of Suspense

Sarah Strohmeyer

We Know You Remember - A Novel

Tove Alsterdal

Resistance - How Women Saved Democracy from Donald Trump

Jennifer Rubin


Katie MacAlister

Between Tides

Angel Khoury

Agatha of Little Neon

Claire Luchette

Love in Infant Monkeys

Lydia Millet