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Girls' Night Out - A J P Beaumont Short Story

J. A. Jance

My Death

Lisa Tuttle, Amy Gentry

A Lovely Lie

Jaime Lynn Hendricks

The Diva Goes Overboard

Krista Davis


Maria Hummel

Moneyless Society - The Next Economic Evolution

Matthew Holten

Grow Damn It! - The Feeding and Nurturing of Life

Cheryl Oreglia

Dragon Revisited

Katie MacAlister

Pre-Approved for Haunting - And Other Stories

Patrick Barb

Hearts of Darkness - Serial Killers The Behavioral Science Unit and My Life as a Woman in the FBI

Jana Monroe, Joe Navarro

The World According to Joan Didion

Evelyn McDonnell

Swimming with Ghosts

Michelle Brafman

The Ring that Caesar Wore

Ashley Gardner

The Diva Delivers on a Promise

Krista Davis

Year of No Garbage

Eve O. Schaub

Island City

Laura Adamczyk

You Should Smile More

Anastasia Ryan

The Least Among Us

Gwen Florio

Death Rides a Pony

Carol Miller

Cast Into Doubt

Patricia MacDonald

A Confederacy of Dragons

Katie MacAlister

King of Midnight

Lara Adrian

It's Not Nothing

Courtney Denelle

The Mill

Cailyn Lloyd

Getting To Good Riddance

Jodie Eckleberry-Hunt

Blowin' Up A Murder

Tonya Kappes

Some Maintenance Required

Marie-Renée Lavoie

Acropolis Now - A Billionaire Romantic Comedy

Katie MacAlister

Her Dying Day

Mindy Carlson

A Black and Endless Sky

Matthew Lyons