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Weirdbook #40

Adrian Cole, Darrell Schweitzer

Weirdbook Annual #2: The Third Cthulhu Mythos MEGAPACK

Darrell Schweitzer, Adrian Cole, Paul Dale Anderson

Digital Horror Fiction Anthology - 25 Horror Fiction Short Stories #1

Adrian Cole, Don Webb, Renee Miller, James Dorr, Jenner Michaud, Rie Sheridan Rose, Gregory L. Norris, Tracie McBride, Samuel Marzioli, Adrian Ludens, Geoff Brown, Digital Fiction, Bruce Memblatt, David M. Hoenig, Aaron Gudmunson, Jay Caselberg, Larry Hinkle, Geoff Gander, Sarah Hans, Jason A. Wyckoff, Bruce Lockhart 2nd & Suzie Lockhart, C.M. Saunders, H.L. Fullerton, Bill Zaget, Michelle Mellon, Rue Karney

Weirdbook #38

Adrian Cole, Michael Bracken, Darrell Schweitzer

The Witches MEGAPACK®: Weirdbook Annual #1

Adrian Cole, Doug Draa, Paul Dale Anderson, L.F. Falconer

Weirdbook #35

Adrian Cole

Weirdbook #34

Adrian Cole

Weirdbook #33

Adrian Cole, Jessica Amanda Salmonson

Weirdbook #32

Adrian Cole, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, K.A. Opperman, Marilyn Mattie Brahen

Weirdbook 31

Adrian Cole, Darrell Schweitzer, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Doug Draa, Gary A. Braunbeck, Paul Dale Anderson

Warlord of Heaven

Adrian Cole

Thief of Dreams

Adrian Cole

Throne of Fools

Adrian Cole

A Place Among the Fallen

Adrian Cole

Mother of Storms

Adrian Cole

Labyrinth of Worlds

Adrian Cole

The King of Light and Shadows

Adrian Cole

The Gods in Anger

Adrian Cole

Oblivion Hand - The Voidal Vol 1

Adrian Cole

The Sword of Shadows - The Voidal Vol 3

Adrian Cole

The Long Reach of Night - The Voidal Vol 2

Adrian Cole

Night of the Heroes

Adrian Cole

Young Thongor

Lin Carter

The Cthulhu Mythos Megapack - 40 Modern and Classic Lovecraftian Stories

H.P. Lovecraft, T.E.D. Klein, Clark Ashton Smith, Robert E. Howard, Brian Stableford, Brian McNaughton, Robert Bloch, Stephen Mark Rainey, Lin Carter, Lawrence Watt-Evans, Adrian Cole