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A selection of the best pulp novels, short stories, authors and characters. May you find an Asimov's sci-fi story, a crime compilation, and the last adventure of the famous Fu Manchu as well. The best pulp literature of the past, in digital at last!

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Isaac Asimov

Adventure Tales #1 - Classic Pulp Fiction

John Betancourt, Hugh B. Cave

Secret Agent X: Claws of the Corpse Cult

Brant House

Amaz'n Murder - A Cozy Mystery Novel 

William Maltese

The Genial Dinosaur - Herbert the Dinosaur Book Two

John Russell Fearn

The Pulp Fiction Megapack - 25 Classic Pulp Stories

Robert Wallace, Robert Leslie Bellem, Hugh B. Cave, Howard Hersey, Ray Ngs Cummi, John M Wallace, Harold Ward, Hugh Pendexter, Hugh J. Gallagher, G. T. Fleming-Roberts, Russell Gray, Paul Chadwick, Captain S. P. Meek, Sewell Peaslee Wright, Emile C. Tepperman

Weird Tales #334

Darrell Schweitzer, George H. Scithers

Battling Boxing Stories - Thrilling Tales of Pugilistic Puissance

Gary Lovisi, Stan Trybulski, Wayne D. Dundee, Ron Fortier, Robert S. P. Lee, G. D. Mcfetridge, Arlette Lees, Terence Butler, Marc Spitzer, C. J. Henderson, Garnett Elliott, Penelope Stanhope, Michael A. Black, Lonni Lees, William Boley

Black Amazon of Mars and Other Tales from the Pulps

Leigh Brackett

Sense of Wonder - A Century of Science Fiction

Leigh Grossman

The Phantom Detective: Tycoon of Crime - Tycoon of Crime

Robert Wallace

The Scientists Revolt

Edgar Rice Burroughs, Ray Palmer