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Jose vicente by Jose vicente

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British Battle Tanks - British-made tanks of World War II

David Fletcher

D-Day Beach Assault Troops

Gordon L. Rottman

St Lô 1944 - The Battle of the Hedgerows

Steven J. Zaloga

World War II German Motorized Infantry & Panzergrenadiers

Nigel Thomas

Panzergrenadier vs US Armored Infantryman - European Theater of Operations 1944

Steven J. Zaloga

British Commando 1940–45

Angus Konstam

World War II Infantry Fire Support Tactics

Gordon L. Rottman

US Infantryman vs German Infantryman - European Theater of Operations 1944

Steven J. Zaloga

Caen 1944 - Montgomery’s break-out attempt

Ken Ford

D-Day 1944 (2) - Utah Beach & the US Airborne Landings

Steven J. Zaloga

US Paratrooper 1941–45

Carl Smith

D-Day 1944 (4) - Gold & Juno Beaches

Ken Ford

D-Day 1944 (3) - Sword Beach & the British Airborne Landings

Ken Ford

US World War II Parachute Infantry Regiments

Gordon L. Rottman

The Spanish Civil War 1936–39 (2) - Republican Forces

Alejandro de Quesada

US Infantryman in World War II (3) - European Theater of Operations 1944–45

Robert S Rush

World War II US Cavalry Groups - European Theater

Gordon L. Rottman

The German Army 1939–45 (5) - Western Front 1943–45

Nigel Thomas

US Airborne Divisions in the ETO 1944–45

Steven J. Zaloga

British Paratrooper 1940–45

Rebecca Skinner

World War II US Armored Infantry Tactics

Gordon L. Rottman

Panzer Divisions 1944–45

Pier Paolo Battistelli

Tank Spotter’s Guide

The Tank Museum

The Spanish Civil War - 1936–1939

Frances Lannon

German Infantryman vs British Infantryman - France 1940

David Greentree

World War II Infantry Anti-Tank Tactics

Gordon L. Rottman

The Second World War (6) - Northwest Europe 1944–1945

Stephen A. Hart

Operation Cobra 1944 - Breakout from Normandy

Steven J. Zaloga

The British Army 1939–45 (1) - North-West Europe

Martin Brayley

Victory 1945 - Western Allied Troops in Northwest Europe

Gordon L. Rottman