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Publisher: Jovian Press

Jovian Press

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The Barbarian Invasions of Italy

Pasquale Villari

The Big Bow Mystery

Israel Zangwill

Guns of the Gods

Talbot Mundy

Cities of the Plain

Marcel Proust

The History of the Assassins

Joseph von Hammer

Affair in Araby

Talbot Mundy

Caesar Dies

Talbot Mundy

What Men Live By

Leo Tolstoy

Caves of Terror

Talbot Mundy


James Morrison

In the Wars of the Roses

Evelyn Everett-Green

John Quincy Adams

John Morse


Adolphus Ward

Captain Cook

W. H. G. Kingston

Children of the Bush

Henry Lawson

Cosmic Consciousness

Ali Nomad

Bethink Yourselves!

Leo Tolstoy

Border Breed Nor Birth

Mack Reynolds

The Prince of Peril

Otis Adelbert Kline

The Rainbow Trail

Zane Grey

The Randolph Carter Mythos

H.P lovecreaft

The Red Thumb Mark

R. Austin Freeman

The Reign of Tiberius

Tacitus Tacitus

The Red Dust

Murray Leinster

The Poisoned Pen

Arthur Reeve

The Planet Mappers

E. Everett Evans

The Red Hell of Jupiter

Paul Ernst

The Red One

Jack Williamson

The Poison Belt

Arthur Conan Doyle

The Reformation and the Renaissance

Frederick Bewsher