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Publisher: HellBound Books Publishing LLC

HellBound Books Publishing LLC

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The Devil's Doorbell - An Anthology of the Darkest Romance

Madison Estes

Spells in Therapy

Michaela L Cane

Spells in Waiting

Michaela L Cane

The Horror Writer - A Study of Craft and Identity in the Horror Genre

Ramsey Campbell, Kevin J Kennedy, Tim Waggoner, Stephen Graham Jones, Steve Rasnic Tem, Lisa Morton, Richard Thomas, Armand Rosamilia, Gene O'Neill, David Owain Hughes, Scott Nicholson, Kenneth W. Cain, Chad Lutzke, Monique Snyman, Kevin Lucia, Jasper Bark, Bret McCormick, Luke Walker, Ben Eads, Stephanie M. Wytovich, Lucy A. Snyder, John Palisano, Kelli Owen, Marie O'Regan, Jess Landry

The Big Book of Bootleg Horror Vol IV

Erin Lee

Road Kill - Texas Horror by Texas Writers Volume 3

Bret McCormick, James H Longmore, Madison Estes, Dennis Pitts, ER Bills, Aaron Milstead, Samantha Andrasko, Shawna Borman, Bryce Wilson, Jacklyn Baker

Made in Britain

Kevin J Kennedy, Michael Chapman, David Owain Hughes, James H Longmore, David Turnbull, Ross Baxter, Guy N Smith, Lex H jones, C Bailey Baccus, Nick Stead

Shopping List 3

Sergio Palumbo, James Watts, David Simon, jn cameron, Mark deloy

Blood and Blasphemy

Gerri R Gray

Man eating F*cks

David Owain Hughes

The Big Book of Bootleg Horror Volume 3 - By Invitation Only

Jeff Strand, Edward Lee, Richard Chizmar, Ray Garton, David Owain Hughes, Jack Ketchum, Chad Lutzke, James H Longmore

Worship Me

Craig Stewart

The Erotic Odyssey of Colton Forshay

James H Longmore

Zombie Hooker - A Love Story

James H Longmore

I'll Come Back To Get You

Jeff C. Stevenson


Isobel Blackthorn

Surrogate for a Werewolf

Jennifer Lynne

Blood in the Woods

J P Willie