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Publisher: Emerald Books

Emerald Books

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Melissa Seal

The Midnight Warriors

Nirmani Walpola

Powers Revealed

C. T. Fitzgerald

Setting in Roots


Project Sabotage - New Threat from the General

William W. King

The Demon's Gift - A Willow Locke Novella

Isaac D. Peterson, Isaac Peterson

The Time Traveling Texan

Richard C. Pillsbury


Melissa Seal

Project Inferno

William King

Twilight Sojourn

Marilyn Hailbronner

The Fireflies of Estill County

Kim E. Wilson

The Brass Starling

Isaac D. Peterson

Letters from Cairo

Anne Speake

Crucibles of Power

C. T. Fitzgerald


Melissa Seal

AmeriKKKan JustUS

DeLena Slayton

Bird - A Novel

Kim E. Wilson