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Plenty More Fish

Dawn Martin

The Last Email - A Novel

Mridula Garg

For the Greater Good

Colin Guest

Beneath Pale Water

Thalia Henry

The Order of Things

Basil Georgiou

Vanished - A Novel

Mary McGarry Morris

Over 50? Menopausal? You're Fired!!!

Roni Elayne Singer, Nancy DePrimo Zuromski

In Pursuit of Peace in Israel and Palestine

Gershon Baskin

The Mannequin Makers - A Novel

Craig Cliff

Lucy go see

Marianne Maili

A River Between Them

A.L. Watkins

Home in a Snowstorm

Ava Kelly

Quick Curtain

Alan Melville

Daughters of the Air

Anca L. Szilagyi

The Years Months Days - Two Novellas

Yan Lianke

Beyond His Mercy - An American Civil War Novel

Johnny Neil Smith, Susan Cruce Smith

Night Trains

Barbara Wood, Gareth Wootton

Once There Was a Way - What If The Beatles Stayed Together?

Bryce Zabel

The Ice House

Laura Lee Smith

Indian Ink

Tom Stoppard

Stars in Our Eyes - Short Stories

W M. Raebeck


David Moody


C. Kubasta

Puke'd: A Short Story

M. Benjamin Naves

Rescuing Rose

Isabel Wolf

On the Edge of Tomorrow

Sara Daniell, John Darryl Winston, Tracy Hewitt Meyer

A Friend of the Family

Mark Conte


S. Y. Robins

The Brahmadells

Jóanes Nielsen

We Could've Been Happy Here

Keith Lesmeister