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Poisoned Apples - Poems for You My Pretty

Christine Heppermann


Daren Peary

The Christmas Book

Eleonora Seymour

The Space Between

Meg Grehan

Laughing Out Loud I Fly - Poems in English and Spanish

Juan Felipe Herrera

Cinnamon Girl - letters found inside a cereal box

Juan Felipe Herrera

Animals in My Life

Pamela Douglas

Events That Changed the Course of History - The Story of the Attack on Pearl Harbor 75 Years Later

Kimberly Sarmiento

Events that Changed the Course of History - The Story of Mississippi Becoming a State 200 Years Later

Amanda Hutchins

A Maze Me - Poems for Girls

Naomi Shihab Nye

EINSTEIN'S CAT - short poems for sharp kids

Tom Skinner

with their eyes - September 11th: The View from a High School at Ground Zero

Annie Thoms

Tell the World


Time You Let Me In - 25 Poets under 25

Naomi Shihab Nye

Dirty Gertie - toddler books 3-5

leela hope

Falling Out of the Sky - Poems about Myths and Monsters

Rachel Piercey, Emma Wright

My Words; Knot Spoken

Nadin Nassar

My Thoughtful Words

Lorraine Donfor-Chen

Can't Stop Reading - Short Stories Poems Blogs and more

Ros Haden, Dorothy Dyer

Mountain Interval

Robert Frost

A Boy’s Will

Robert Frost

North of Boston

Robert Frost

The Road Not Taken with Fire and Ice - and 96 other Poems

Robert Frost

The Lurking Eyes of Death - death poems

chukwuemeke bright nduka

Moon Juice - Poems for Children

Kate Wakeling

Stories from My Nana: Oh Daddy’S Eyes

Lois Ray Rayner


Joe Joyce

The Kingdom of 47 Warlords and Geese

Lawrence Nyaguti Ochieng

We Lesser Gods Addendum

Elizabeth Clayton

The Crows Return

Lewis Colyar