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Science Fiction & Fantasy

Science fiction: Space opera

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Ghost Ships of Terra

TS Paul

The Ostinato Trilogy - A Texan Space Opera

Greg Alldredge

We Will Destroy Your Planet - An Alien’s Guide to Conquering the Earth

David McIntee

Star Corps - Book One of The Legacy Trilogy

Ian Douglas

Engineering Murder

TS Paul

The Forgotten Engineer

TS Paul


TS Paul

Galaga - The original screenplay

Robert McTyre Jr

Deceptions and Lies

P.E. Sibley


Marina J. Lostetter

Ghosts of War - Retribution

Paul Robinson

Seven Day War

Greg Alldredge

The Traveler's Cup

AC Baldwin

The First Men in the Moon

H. G. Wells

In the Days of the Comet

H. G. Wells

Off on a Comet!

Jules Verne

All Around the Moon

Jules Verne

Blaster Squad #6: Galaxy of Evil

Russ Crossley

Special Edition: A Commonwealth Counter Terrorism Task Force Novel - Books 1-3

P.E. Sibley

Rogue Stars - Skirmish Wargaming in a Science Fiction Underworld

Andrea Sfiligoi

Search the Sky

Frederik Pohl

Sense of Obligation

Harry Harrison

Pariah Planet

Murray Leinster

Plague Ship

Andre Norton

Pirates of Venus

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Operation Interstellar

George Smith

Operation: Outer Space

Murray Leinster

People Minus X

Raymond Gallun

Space Platform

Murray Leinster

Storm Over Warlock

Andre Norton