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The Freedom of the Weightless City - Five Stories of Metropolitan Space Stations - cover

The Freedom of the Weightless City - Five Stories of Metropolitan Space Stations

Jo Appleby

Publisher: Octahedron Publishing

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Cities floating in space. Big cities. Huge cities. Strange cities.

Discover the unexpected core of an old Lufour custom. With bombs. Bring about HaXXity’s new destiny. With social engineering. Find out Nechtan’s crazy secret. With a total crackpot. Observe the corruption in Paradise City. With murder. Meet a courageous baker in Vesta City. With muffins.

Explore the weird and wonderful life of these glittering futuristic cities through the eyes of five thoroughly modern characters. Visit amazing places where nothing and nobody is what they seem.
Available since: 01/02/2024.
Print length: 91 pages.

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    The Heroin Chronicles

    Jerry Stahl

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    This collection of heroin stories from Eric Bogosian, Jerry Stahl, Lydia Lunch, and more “will satisfy devotees of noir fiction and outsider art alike” (Publishers Weekly).   On the heels of The Speed Chronicles (Sherman Alexie, William T. Vollmann, Megan Abbott, James Franco, Beth Lisick, etc.) and The Cocaine Chronicles (Lee Child, Laura Lippman, etc.) comes The Heroin Chronicles, a volume sure to frighten and delight. The literary styles of these stories are as diverse as the moral quandaries they explore.   From the groundbreaking novels of William S. Burroughs to the mind-altering music of The Velvet Underground, heroin—in all its ecstasy and tragedy—has been the subject of many an underground masterpiece. Collected here are all-new short stories about the infamous drug by some of today’s most celebrated and provocative writers, including Eric Bogosian, Lydia Lunch, Jerry Stahl, Nathan Larson, Ava Stander, Antonia Crane, Gary Phillips, Jervey Tervalon, John Albert, Michael Albo, Sophia Langdon, Tony O’Neill, and L.Z. Hansen.  
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    Existential Stories - Tales of...

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    Everything we know must end.  In the fundamentals of our lives its usually our own deaths which bring that to an end.  But what if we widen that premise.  What if we are caught in its quixotic jaws. Held fast with escape merely a fleeting thought. 
    In this volume authors of real note bring their narratives of existential crisis and threat directly to our senses.  That conflict can yield terrible results. 
    And for that place the blame on Franz Kafka, Boleslaw Prus, Herman Melville, Oscar Wilde and many others. 
    1 - Existential Stories - An Introduction 
    2 - The Dream of a Ridiculous Man by Fyodor Dostoyevsky 
    3 - Bartleby the Scrivener - Part 1 by Herman Melville 
    4 - Bartleby the Scrivener - Part 2 by Herman Melville 
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    14 - In the Penal Colony by Franz Kafka 
    15 - The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde 
    16 - Youth - Part 1 by Joseph Conrad 
    17 - Youth - Part 2 by Joseph Conrad
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    When the water runs out at the village tap, a woman's kindness to a stranger yields a miracle.
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    A masterful collection of 28 short stories by Edwardian satirist Hector Hugh Munro, who wrote under the pseudonym “Saki”. The Chronicles of Clovis includes many of Saki’s best known tales, exemplifying his witty and multi-layered storytelling, satirizing the habits and morals of British society of his day."Esme""The Match-Maker""Tobermory""Mrs. Packletide's Tiger""The Stampeding of Lady Bastable""The Background""Hermann the Irascible""The Unrest-Cure""The Jesting of Arlington Stringham""Sredni Vashtar"
    "Adrian""The Chaplet""The Quest""Wratislav""The Easter Egg""Filboid Studge""The Music on the Hill""The Story of St. Vespaluus""The Way to the Dairy""The Peace Offering""The Peace of Mowsle Barton""The Talking-out of Tarrington""The Hounds of Fate""The Recessional""A Matter of Sentiment""The Secret Sin of Septimus Brope""Ministers of Grace""The Remoulding of Groby Lington"
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    "Come with me, ladies and gentlemen who are in any wise weary of London: come with me: and those that tire at all of the world we know: for we have new worlds here." - Lord Dunsany, the preface to "The Book of Wonder"
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    Literature is a world of words and wonder, able to take us on almost unimaginable journeys from the wild and fantastic to the grind and minutiae of life. 
    An author’s ideas are his building blocks, his architecture of the mind, building a structure on which all else will rest; the narrative, the characters, the words - those few words that begin the adventure. 
    In this series we look at some of our leading classic authors across two genres: the short story and the poem.  In this modern world there is an insatiable need to categorise and pigeon-hole everyone and everything.  But ideas, these grains and saplings of the brain, need to roam, to explore and find their perfect literary use vehicle.  Our authors are masters of many literary forms, perhaps known for one but themselves favouring another. 
    Story. Poems. Story.  Within these boundaries come all manner of invention and cast of characters.  And, of course, each author has their own way of revealing their own chapter and verse. 
    1 - Chapter & Verse - G K Chesterton - An Introduction 
    2 - The Resurrection of Father Brown by G K Chesterton 
    3 - The Song Against Songs by G K Chesterton 
    4 - The Strange Music by G K Chesterton 
    5 - The Song of Right and Wrong by G K Chesterton 
    6 - Americanisation by G K Chesterton 
    7 - The Englishman by G K Chesterton 
    8 - The Mystery by G K Chesterton 
    9 - Le Panto by G K Chesterton 
    10 - The Convert by G K Chesterton 
    11 - The Human Tree by G K Chesterton 
    12 - The Secret People by G K Chesterton 
    13 - The Last Hero by G K Chesterton 
    14 - A Prayer in Darkness by G K Chesterton 
    15 - A Ballad of Suicide by G K Chesterton 
    16 - The Rolling English Road by G K Chesterton 
    17 - A Somewhat Improbable Story by G K Chesterton
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