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Science fiction: Space opera

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A Bad Patch of Humanity - Seeders Universe

Dean Wesley Smith

Red Dawn

Delilah Devlin

Cancer World

Jr. Harry Warner

The Metal Monster

Abraham Merritt

Hunter's Edge - After the Fall #12

Gayla Drummond

Scavenger Hunt

Stephen Goldin

Autumnal Threat

C.M. Simpson

Men of Sand and Light

C.M. Simpson

Heliosphere 2265 Volume 3: Revelations (Science Fiction)

Andreas Suchanek

The Tree of Life

C. L. Moore

A Woman of the Iron People

Eleanor Arnason

Carrie Hatchett's Christmas

J.J. Green

The Sardonyx Net

Elizabeth A. Lynn

Quiet Knives - Adventures in the Liaden Universe® #9

Steve Miller, Sharon Lee

The Last Broadcast

Christopher Ruz

Dreams of a Nobody - Professor Cookie

Shantnu Tiwari

Alliance of Outcasts - Rogue Element #1

Tiffany Cherney

The Milestone Conflict - Lords of the Winter Stars #1

Edita A. Petrick

Worlds on Edge - The Backworlds #5

M. Pax

Cassandra's Challenge - Imperial Series #1

M.K. Eidem

Beneath the Gated Sky

Robert Reed

Rose Point (Her Instruments Book 2) - Her Instruments #2

M.C.A. Hogarth

Trophy: Rescue - The Trophy Saga #2

Paul M. Schofield

Lifeboat 2028

Rick Cramer

Forgotten Relics - Chronicles of the Kathya #1

Tiffany Cherney

Funk Toast and the Pan-Galactic Prom Show

Craig Smith

The Spacetastic Adventures of Mr Space and Captain Galaxy: Season Two - The Spacetastic Adventures of Mr Space and Captain Galaxy #6

T.L. Charles

Harry Watt Bounty Hunter - Harry Watt #1

Rob Guy

Bonded By Fire: Behind Alien Lines - Evidence of War

Jerry A Young

Blaster Squad #4 Raiders of Cloud City - Blaster Squad #4

Russ Crossley