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Science fiction: Space opera

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Cards of Grief

Jane Yolen

Burn Witch Burn

Abraham Merritt


Piers Anthony

The Death of Ilalotha

Clark Ashton Smith

Heliosphere 2265 Volume 1: The Dark Fragment (Science Fiction)

Andreas Suchanek

Black Amazon of Mars

Leigh Brackett

The Pirates of Ersatz

Murray Leinster

Sword of the Lamb - (Book One of the Phoenix Legacy)

M.K. Wren

Star Marines

Ian Douglas

The Blind Owl (Authorized by The Sadegh Hedayat Foundation - First Translation into English Based on the Bombay Edition)

Sadegh Hedayat

Holes Incorporated

L. Major Reynolds

Enemy in the Dark

Jay Allan

Brink of Madness

Walt Sheldon

The Day of the Dog

Andersen Horne

Grove of the Unborn

Lynn Venable

No Hiding Place

Richard R. Smith

Fantastic Stories Presents the Worlds of If Super Pack #2

Jr. Vonnegut, R. A. Lafferty, Horace B. Fyfe, Lester del Rey, Frank M. Robinson, Jr. James McKimmey, Milton Lesser, Keith Laumer, Mark Clifton, Mari Wolf, Charles L. Fontenay, Kenneth O'Hara, Charles V. De Vet, Don Thompson, Lynn Venable, Winston Marks, Arnold Castle, Tom Godwin, Jr. Sam Merwin, Kris Neville, Jr. Ed M. Clinton, M. C. Pease, Jim Harmon, Robert J. Shea, Frank W. Coggins, Albert Teichner, William Campbell Gault, Charles E. Fritch, E. E. Doc Smith, E. Everett Evans, Albert Hernhunter, Gene Hunter, Arthur G. Hill, Richard O. Lewis, John Sentry, Tom Leahy

Heliosphere 2265 Volume 5: The Silent Power (Science Fiction)

Andreas Suchanek

Earth Strike - Star Carrier: Book One

Ian Douglas

Enemy Within The - Mission Earth Volume 3

L. Ron Hubbard

The First Men in the Moon - With linked Table of Contents

H. G. Wells

The Short Stories of Harl Vincent - Volume I

Harl Vincent


James Alan Gardner

The Genius Asylum - Sic Transit Terra Book 1

Arlene F. Marks

The Pharaoh Contract

Ray Aldridge

The Omega Point Trilogy

George Zebrowski

Planet of the Damned

Harry Harrison

City of Pearl

Karen Traviss


Piers Anthony

Political Application

John Victor Peterson