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Science fiction: Space opera

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The Doors of Death

Arthur B. Waltermire

The Moon Pool

Abraham Merritt

Heliosphere 2265 Volume 3: Revelations (Science Fiction)

Andreas Suchanek

The Praxis

Walter Jon Williams

The Paratwa

Christopher Hinz

Brightness Falls From the Air

James Tiptree

Brink of Madness

Walt Sheldon

In the Hall of the Martian King

John Barnes

Death in Florence

George A Effinger


Marta Randall

Beneath the Gated Sky

Robert Reed

Exile from Space

Judith Merril

Funk Toast and the Pan-Galactic Prom Show

Craig Smith

Heliosphere 2265 Volume 9: Decision at Nova (Science Fiction)

Andreas Suchanek

Security Risk

Jr. Ed M. Clinton


Aer-ki Jyr

The Captain

John Norman

No Hiding Place

Richard R. Smith

Across The Realm

Isobel Mitton

The Beasts in the Void

Paul W. Fairman

The Short Stories of Paul Ernst - Volume I

Paul Ernst

Heliosphere 2265 Volume 6: The Captain's Burden (Science Fiction)

Andreas Suchanek

Kingpin Planet - The Golden Amazon Saga Book Twelve

John Russell Fearn


Andre Norton


L. Ron Hubbard

Sargasso of Space

Andre Norton

The Iron Maiden

Piers Anthony

Tower of Glass

Robert Silverberg


L. Ron Hubbard

The Vital Abyss - An Expanse Novella

James S. A. Corey