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Science Fiction & Fantasy

Science fiction: Space opera

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A Little Old Fashioned

Rita Schulz

Dark Transmissions - A Tale of the Jinxed Thirteenth

Davila LeBlanc

Seven Footprints To Satan

Abraham Merritt

The Dwellers In The Mirage

Abraham Merritt

Judgment at Proteus

Timothy Zahn

The Third Lynx

Timothy Zahn

The Forever War

Joe Haldeman

Tower of Glass

Robert Silverberg

The Sardonyx Net

Elizabeth A. Lynn


Robert Silverberg

A Princess of the Aerie

John Barnes

In the Hall of the Martian King

John Barnes

The Duke of Uranium

John Barnes

The Law of Becoming

Kate Elliott


Kate Elliott

An Earthly Crown

Kate Elliott

His Conquering Sword

Kate Elliott

Deadman Switch

Timothy Zahn

Blaster Squad #6: Galaxy of Evil

Russ Crossley

Special Edition: A Commonwealth Counter Terrorism Task Force Novel - Books 1-3

P.E. Sibley

Rogue Stars - Skirmish Wargaming in a Science Fiction Underworld

Andrea Sfiligoi

The Quadrail Series Books 1–3 - Night Train to Rigel The Third Lynx and Odd Girl Out

Timothy Zahn

Plague Ship

Andre Norton

The Amaranth Chronicles - Deviant Rising

Alexander Barnes, Christopher Preiman

The Works of Clifford D Simak Volume Two - Good Night Mr James and Other Stories; Time and Again; and Way Station

Clifford D. Simak

The Works of Clifford D Simak Volume One - Grotto of the Dancing Deer and Other Stories Heritage of Stars and City

Clifford D. Simak

Dax Harrison

Tony Valdez

Sentients of Orion - The Complete Series

Marianne de Pierres

The League of Peoples Books 1–3 - Expendable Commitment Hour and Vigilant

James Alan Gardner

Heliosphere 2265 Volume 11: Retribution

Andreas Suchanek