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Energy Islands - Metaphors of Power Extractivism and Justice in Puerto Rico

Catalina M de Onís

A Sea Monster's Tale - In Search of the Basking Shark

Colin Speedie

Picturing the Uncertain World - How to Understand Communicate and Control Uncertainty through Graphical Display

Howard Wainer

The Book of Beautiful Questions - The Powerful Questions That Will Help You Decide Create Connect and Lead

Warren Berger

Mineral Building Traditions in the Himalayas - The Mineralogical Impact on the Use of Clay as Building Material

Hubert Feiglstorfer

The Internet of Everything - Advances Challenges and Applications

Nilanjan Dey, Gitanjali Shinde, Parikshit Mahalle, Henning Olesen

The Next Great Migration - The Beauty and Terror of Life on the Move

Sonia Shah

Ant Architecture - The Wonder Beauty and Science of Underground Nests

Walter R. Tschinkel

A History of Biology

Michel Morange

Crude Britannia - How Oil Shaped a Nation

James Marriott, Terry Macalister

Stalin and the Soviet Science Wars

Ethan Pollock

Ageing with Smartphones in Ireland - When life becomes craft

Daniel Miller, Pauline Garvey

Ageing with Smartphones in Urban Italy - Care and community in Milan and beyond

Shireen Walton

The Global Smartphone - Beyond a youth technology

Daniel Miller, Xinyuan Wang, Charlotte Hawkins, Pauline Garvey, Shireen Walton, Laila Abed Rabho, Patrick Awondo, Maya de Vries, Marília Duque, Laura Haapio-Kirk, Alfonso Otaegui

The Self-Assembling Brain - How Neural Networks Grow Smarter

Peter Robin Hiesinger

An Internet in Your Head - A New Paradigm for How the Brain Works

Daniel Graham

Theory of the Earth

Thomas Nail

Eight Preposterous Propositions - From the Genetics of Homosexuality to the Benefits of Global Warming

Robert Ehrlich

Infectious Liberty - Biopolitics between Romanticism and Liberalism

Robert Mitchell

If God Is a Virus

Seema Yasmin

Delicious - The Evolution of Flavor and How It Made Us Human

Rob Dunn, Monica Sanchez

Psychology of Yoga and Meditation - Lectures Delivered at ETH Zurich Volume 6: 1938–1940

C. G. Jung

Weaving Self-Evidence - A Sociology of Logic

Claude Rosental

Death By Shakespeare - Snakebites Stabbings and Broken Hearts

Kathryn Harkup

The Garden in the Machine - The Emerging Science of Artificial Life

Claus Emmeche

Shoemaker by Levy - The Man Who Made an Impact

David H. Levy

The Supernova Story

Laurence A. Marschall


Helen Pilcher

How to Feel - The Science and Meaning of Touch

Sushma Subramanian

Science the Endless Frontier

Vannevar Bush