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Matthew Disciple and Scribe - The First Gospel and Its Portrait of Jesus

Patrick Schreiner

The Song of Songs - A Biography

Ilana Pardes

A Commentary on St Paul's Epistle to the Romans

Joseph Agar Beet

Exegetical Gems from Biblical Hebrew - A Refreshing Guide to Grammar and Interpretation

H. H. II Hardy

The Return - Reflections on Loving God Back

Lacey Sturm

The Murderous History of Bible Translations - Power Conflict and the Quest for Meaning

Harry Freedman

Being Versus Becoming - Experiencing Awareness Beyond the Relative Mind

Paresh M Jivanji

The Prince of Darkness - Radical Evil and the Power of Good in History

Jeffrey Burton Russell

Gendered Morality - Classical Islamic Ethics of the Self Family and Society

Zahra M. S. Ayubi

Passions of Our Time

Julia Kristeva

The Last Things

Joseph Agar Beet

Radical Ritual - How Burning Man Changed the World

Neil Shister

The 3 Secrets - Men’s Three Secrets of Confidence Sex and Wealth You Deserve to Know as a Wise Man or Suffer the Consequences in Dating Reputation and Finance

Joe Clef

Exegetical Gems from Biblical Greek - A Refreshing Guide to Grammar and Interpretation

Benjamin L. Merkle

Holiness: Symbolic and Real

Joseph Agar Beet

Say Yes When Life Says No Workbook

DeForest B. Soaries

The Credentials of the Gospel - A Statement of the Reason of the Christian Hope

Joseph Agar Beet

Lectures on the Apocalypse

R. H. Charles

Sermons Preached in Westminster Abbey

R. H. Charles

A Tearful Stone


Reading Scripture Canonically - Theological Instincts for Old Testament Interpretation

Mark S. Gignilliat

Leadership in Christian Perspective - Biblical Foundations and Contemporary Practices for Servant Leaders

Mark L. Strauss, Justin A. Irving

Faces of Muhammad - Western Perceptions of the Prophet of Islam from the Middle Ages to Today

John Tolan

The Life of Saint Teresa of Avila - A Biography

Carlos Eire

The Secret Lies Within - An Inside Out Look at Overcoming Trauma and Finding Purpose in the Pain

Anne Beiler, Emily Sutherland

Studies in the Apocalypse - Being Lectures Delivered before the University of London

R. H. Charles

Our Lord's Resurrection

W. J. Sparrow Simpson

Immortality and the Modern Mind

Kirsopp Lake

The History of the Book of Common Prayer

Leighton Pullan

Cinematic Faith - A Christian Perspective on Movies and Meaning

William D. Romanowski