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Early Judaism - New Insights and Scholarship

Frederick E. Greenspahn

Jewish Wisdom - The Wisdom of the Kabbalah The Wisdom of the Talmud and The Wisdom of the Torah

Philosophical Library

Jewish Threads - A Hands-On Guide to Stitching Spiritual Intention into Jewish Fabric Crafts

Diana Drew

A Formula for Proper Living - Practical Lessons from Life and Torah

abbi Abraham J. Twerski

Writing on the Wall - Graffiti and the Forgotten Jews of Antiquity

Karen B. Stern

Freud and Monotheism - Moses and the Violent Origins of Religion

Gilad Sharvit, Karen S. Feldman

The Duplicity of Philosophy's Shadow - Heidegger Nazism and the Jewish Other

Elliot R. Wolfson

The Talmud - A Biography

Barry Scott Wimpfheimer


Israel Abrahams, David Yellin

Sepher Yetzirah

Anonymous Anonymous

Jewish Prayer Book

Anonymous Anonymous

In Search of Israel - The History of an Idea

Michael Brenner

The Jewish Life of Christ being the SEPHER TOLDOT JESHU or Book of the Generation of Jesus

Anonymous Anonymous, J. M. Wheeler

Pharisaism: Its Aim and Its Method

R. Travers Herford

Converts of Conviction - Faith and Scepticism in Nineteenth Century European Jewish Society

David Ruderman

Yearbook of the Maimonides Centre for Advanced Studies 2017

Bill Rebiger

On the Chocolate Trail - A Delicious Adventure Connecting Jews Religions History Travel Rituals and Recipes to the Magic of Cacao (2nd Edition)

Rabbi Deborah R. Prinz

Why Judaism Matters - Letters of a Liberal Rabbi to his Children and the Millennial Generation

Rabbi John Rosove

Your Word is Fire - The Hasidic Masters on Contemplative Prayer

Arthur Green, Barry W. Holtz

The Skeptic and the Rabbi - Falling in Love with Faith

Judy Gruen

Jabotinsky's Children - Polish Jews and the Rise of Right-Wing Zionism

Daniel Kupfert Heller

Repentance for the Holocaust - Lessons from Jewish Thought for Confronting the German Past

C. K. Martin Chung

Rebbe - The Life and Teachings of Menachem M Schneerson the Most Influential Rabbi in Modern History

Joseph Telushkin

The Origin of the Jews - The Quest for Roots in a Rootless Age

Steven Weitzman

Who Will Lead Us? - The Story of Five Hasidic Dynasties in America

Samuel C. Heilman

The Beginning of Politics - Power in the Biblical Book of Samuel

Moshe Halbertal, Stephen Holmes

Farewell to Shulamit - Spatial and Social Diversity in the Song of Songs

Carsten Wilke

Delphi Complete Works of Philo of Alexandria (Illustrated)

Philo Judaeus of Alexandria

The Story of Hebrew

Lewis Glinert

The Banality of Heidegger

Jean-Luc Nancy