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Change for Good - An Action-Oriented Approach for Businesses to Benefit from Solving the World's Most Urgent Social Problems

Paul Klein

The Concentration of Power - Institutionalization Hierarchy & Hegemony

Anders Corr

The Great Reset - The Fourth Industrial Revolution driven by the elite

Catherine Dumont

External Communication in Social Media During Asymmetric Conflicts - A Theoretical Model and Empirical Case Study of the Conflict in Israel and Palestine

Bernd Hirschberger

The Indivisible Globe the Indissoluble Nation - Universality Postcoloniality and Nationalism in the Age of Globalization

Li-Chun Hsiao

Small Data Big Disruptions - How to Spot Signals of Change and Manage Uncertainty

Martin Schwirn

border and bordering - Politics Poetics Precariousness

Jayjit Sarkar, Auritra Munshi

Crossing Boundaries - A Traveler's Guide to World Peace

Aziz Abu Sarah

Challenges and alternatives towards peacebuilding - A rural development perspective

Israel Biel Portero, Andrea Carolina Casanova Mejía, Amanda Janneth Riascos Mora, Alba Lucy Ortega Salas, Luis Andrés Salas Zambrano, Franco Andrés Montenegro Coral, Julie Andrea Benavides Melo, Deicy Andrea Villarreal Rodríguez, Ángela Roció Mora Caicedo, Karen Eugenia Ocaña Figueroa, Natalia Villota Benavides, Juan Camilo Fajardo Goyes, Álvaro Mauricio Chamorro Rosero, Fernando Andrés Mosquera Navia, David Eduardo López Pantoja, Jesús Esteban Guerrero Fajardo, Ángela Marcela Castillo Burbano, Claudia Andrea Guerrero Martínez

The Socialist Good Life - Desire Development and Standards of Living in Eastern Europe

Cristofer Scarboro, Diana Mincyte, Zsuzsu Gille

10 Keys to Understand the Globalist Agenda - Welcome to the New World Order

Catherine Dumont

How to Listen and How to Be Heard - Inclusive Conversations at Work

Alissa Carpenter

No More War - How the West Violates International Law by Using 'Humanitarian' Intervention to Advance Economic and Strategic Interests

Dan Kovalik

In Their Own Voices: Conversations with African Emerging Leaders

Kristina Bekenova

The Geopolitics of Memory - A Journey to Bosnia

James Riding

Nature Strange and Beautiful - How Living Beings Evolved and Made the Earth a Home

Christian Ziegler, Egbert Giles Leigh

JFK and de Gaulle - How America and France Failed in Vietnam 1961–1963

Sean J. McLaughlin

Your Teen's Miraculous Brain - Eight Drug-Free Essentials for Overcoming Teen Mental Illness

Nina Farley-Bates

Spoiling and Coping with Spoilers - Israeli-Arab Negotiations

Galia Golan, Gilead Sher

Puritan Village - The Formation of a New England Town

Sumner Chilton Powell

The Little Book of Racial Healing - Coming to the Table for Truth-Telling Liberation and Transformation

Thomas Norman DeWolf, Jodi Geddes

In Sickness and in Wealth - Migration Gendered Morality and Central Java

Carol Chan

Desierto - Memories of the Future

Charles Bowden

The Serious Business of Small Talk - Becoming Fluent Comfortable and Charming

Carol A. Fleming

FemaleSextapes - Men’s Secret Conversation Casanova Skill in Dating on How to Start & Keep a Flirty & Witty Discussion with a Girl & in a Relationship Like a Boss

Joe Clef

WooTalks - Men's Best Dating Guide on How to Simply Approach Start a Conversation Pick Up Girls Eliminate Anxiety and Get a Girlfriend to Date with Confidence

Joe Clef

ChatDicted 10 - Men’s Best Dating and Relationship Guide on How to Text a Girl to Get Her Hooked and Fall Madly in Love with You Unlike Those Boring Nice Guys

Joe Clef

How to Increase Women's Self-Esteem in Just 14 Days - A step-by-step method to become more confident and overcome shyness

Rose Stone

Active Listening - How to Truly Hear People Learn Effective Communication Techniques Improve Your Relationships and Conversation Skills

Lilly De Sisto


Thomas More