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Crime & Thriller

Women sleuths

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A Murder Like No Author

Amy Lillard

The Devil's Line

Marrisse Whittaker

The Truth You’re Told - A Crime Novel

Michael J. Clark

The Enemy You Gnocchi

Catherine Burns

Shattered Bones

Kate Bendelow

What’s the Matter with Mary Jane? - An Epitome Apartments Mystery

Candas Jane Dorsey

The Tormented

Sarah Sheridan

An Image in the Lake - A Joanne Kilbourn Mystery

Gail Bowen

The Constable Mavis Upton Adventures Books One to Three - Handcuffs Truncheon and a Polyester Thong; Whiskey Tango Foxtrot; and Blues Twos and Baby Shoes

Gina Kirkham

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Gina Kirkham

Handcuffs Truncheon and a Polyester Thong

Gina Kirkham

Blues Twos and Baby Shoes

Gina Kirkham

Rabbit Hole - A Novel of Suspense

Mark Billingham

The Murderous Affair at Stone Manor - A Completely Gripping Cozy Murder Mystery

Laura Stewart

British Girl Found Dead - The Ultimate Gripping Summer Mystery

Rowland Stone

The Trial of Gwen Foley - A Completely Gripping Historical Mystery Drama

Jane O'Connor

The Wonder Test - A Novel

Michelle Richmond

Murder on the Beach - A Gripping Murder Mystery

Daisy White

The Secrets We Bury - A Heart-Stopping Psychological Thriller

Mary Bush

A Text Before Dying - A Completely Gripping Psychological Suspense

McGarvey Black

Definitely Dead - A Gripping Thriller

Kate Bendelow

The Magpie - The Gripping Thriller everyone Is Talking About

Marrisse Whittaker

Every Little Breath - A Tense Psychological Thriller Full of Twists

Keri Beevis

Harm - An Absolutely Gripping Crime Thriller

Hugh Fraser

Malice - An Absolutely Gripping Crime Thriller

Hugh Fraser

Death Unmasked

Karen Neary Smithson

Scare Me to Death - A Spell-Binding Edge-of-Your-Seat Thriller

CJ Carver

Nine Lives - A Gripping Mystery Thriller Full of Twists

Anita Waller

Deceptions - A Helena Marsh Novel

Anna Porter

The Woman in the Wood - a gripping crime thriller set in Essex

M.K. Hill