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Pirates In The Navy - How Innovators Lead Transformation

Tendayi Viki

The Greenhouse Approach - Cultivating Intrapreneurship in Companies and Organizations

Chitra Anand

Crowdfunding Scenarios Explained - If How and When to Tax Money from Crowdfunding

Delmar C. Gillette

Innovation Stories from India Inc - Their Story in Their Words

Vijay Menon

Creative Superpowers - Equip Yourself for the Age of Creativity

Daniele Fiandaca, Mark Earls, Laura Jordan Bambach, Scott Morrison

The Diversity Bonus - How Great Teams Pay Off in the Knowledge Economy

Scott Page

The Language of Global Success - How a Common Tongue Transforms Multinational Organizations

Tsedal Neeley

The 100-Year Life - Living and Working in an Age of Longevity

Lynda Gratton, Andrew Scott

Haier purpose - The real story of China's first global super company

Hu Yong, Hao Yazhou

India Can - Ideate Innovate Transform

Ravi Nawal

Fraud - An American History from Barnum to Madoff

Edward J. Balleisen

The Crowdfunding Handbook - Raise Money for Your Small Business or Start-Up with Equity Funding Portals

Cliff Ennico

What we mean when we talk about innovation

Des Dearlove, Stuart Crainer

Building the Future - Big Teaming for Audacious Innovation

Amy Edmondson, Susan Salter Reynolds

Lean Startups for Social Change - The Revolutionary Path to Big Impact

Michel Gelobter

How the Internet Became Commercial - Innovation Privatization and the Birth of a New Network

Shane Greenstein

A Crowdfunder’s Strategy Guide - Build a Better Business by Building Community

Jamey Stegmaier

Mote : The Super Meeting - The Super Meeting

David Wethey

Evasive Entrepreneurs and the Future of Governance - How Innovation Improves Economies and Governments

Adam Thierer

Trumping Richer

Dwayne Anderson

The Other End of the Telescope - How to increase the metabolic rate and success of your business

Ian Russell

The Journey Inside - Coaching to the Core

Veronica Munro

Side Hustles Guide

Tony Pham

KasiNomic Revolution - The Rise of African Informal Economies

GG Alcock

Team Intuition

Lucid Ash

The Fairshare Model: Reimagining Capitalism at the DNA Level—A Performance Based Capital Structure for Venture-Stage Initial Public Offerings

Karl Sjogren

11 Easy Ways To Make Money From Your Content: A Part Of The DIY Online Success Series

Matrix Thompson

Affiliate Marketing Excellence

David Brock

Affiliate Marketing Action Plan

David Brock

The Villager - How Africans Consume Brands

Feyi Olubodun