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Political structure & processes

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Romania’s Strategic Culture 1990–2014 - Continuity and Change in a Post-Communist Country’s Evolution of National Interests and Security Policies

Iulia-Sabina Joja

Why Europe Should Become a Republic! - A Political Utopia

Ulrike Guérot

Mobtown Massacre - Alexander Hanson and the Baltimore Newspaper War of 1812

Josh S. Cutler

The Nazi Seizure of Power - The Experience of a Single German Town 1922-1945

William Sheridan Allen

The Plot to Control the World - How the US Spent Billions to Change the Outcome of Elections Around the World

Dan Kovalik

Vote Her In - Your Guide to Electing Our First Woman President

Rebecca Sive

Birth of Democratic Citizenship - Women and Power in Modern Romania

Mihaela Miroiu, Maria Bucur

1948 - Harry Truman's Improbable Victory and the Year that Transformed America

David Pietrusza

Call Them by Their True Names - American Crises (and Essays)

Rebecca Solnit

1960: LBJ vs JFK vs Nixon - The Epic Campaign that Forged Three Presidencies

David Pietrusza

The Coming of Democracy - Presidential Campaigning in the Age of Jackson

Mark R. Cheathem

Notes on the State of Virginia - A Compilation of Data About the State's Natural Resources Economy and the Nature of the Good Society

Thomas Jefferson

Alexander Hamilton: Constitutional Interpretations - Works & Speeches in Favor of the American Constitution Including The Federalist Papers and The Continentalist

Alexander Hamilton, Emory Speer

Putin's Asymmetric Assault on Democracy in Russia and Europe - Implications for US National Security

Chris Sampson

The Greatest Works of Jane Addams - Democracy and Social Ethics The Spirit of Youth and the City Streets A New Conscience and An Ancient Evil Why Women Should Vote Belated Industry Twenty Years at Hull-House

Jane Addams

Democracy and Social Ethics - Conception of the Moral Significance of Diversity From a Feminist Perspective Including an Essay Belated Industry and a Speech Why Women Should Vote

Jane Addams

What Happened to Bernie Sanders

Jared H. Beck

Bad Stories - What the Hell Just Happened to Our Country

Steve Almond

The US Constitution and Related Documents

Stephen Brennan

Summary Execution - The Seattle Assassinations of Silme Domingo and Gene Viernes

Michael Withey

Summary of The Great Reset - Joe Biden and the Rise of Twenty-First-Century Fascism by Glenn Beck and Justin Trask Haskins

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Summary of Red-Handed - How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win

Quick Reads

Devlet - The New Political System

Emre Şentürk

The Philosophy of Marx

Giovanni Gentile

Die Fahne Hoch - Three Biographies of Horst Wessel

Antelope Hill Publishing

The Death Company

Cristoforo Baseggio

The Burning Bush - Collected Speeches of Elias Simojoki

Elias Simojoki

BUF - Oswald Mosley and British Fascism

james drennan

What Every Woman Knows (Annotated)

J. M. Barrie

Roman Politics

Frank Frost Abbott