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Crime & Thriller

Historical mysteries

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Fugitive From The Grave

Edward Marston

The Malefic Curse

Charlotte E. English

Dead End

Sally Spencer

Traitor's Codex

Jeri Westerson

The Tarasov Despite

Charlotte E. English

The Zolin Conspiracy

Charlotte E. English

Black Death

M.J. Trow

Season of Darkness

Cora Harrison

The Black Earth - The Times Historical Book of the Month

Philip Kazan

The Godless

Paul Doherty

Rough Music

Robin Blake

Hardcastle's Quandary

Graham Ison

Murder Served Cold

Eric Brown

The Magpie Tree

Katherine Stansfield


Charles Strickler

Forgotten Murder

Dolores Gordon-Smith

The Great Darkness

Jim Kelly

The Vellum Scribe - An Argolicus Mystery

Zara Altair

The Shaker Murders

Eleanor Kuhns

Murder Lies Waiting

Alanna Knight


David Hingley

The Hanging Psalm - A Regency mystery set in Leeds

Chris Nickson

The Ring - A Victorian mystery

M.J. Trow

Kith and Kin - A 1920s mystery

Jane A. Adams

Murder at the Queen's Old Castle - A mystery set in 1920s Ireland

Cora Harrison

A Missed Murder - A Tudor mystery

Michael Jecks

Mr Campion's War

Mike Ripley

Playing with Fire - A 1960s British mystery

Patricia Hall

Border City Blues 3-Book Bundle - Riverside Drive Maiden Lane Prospect Avenue

Michael Januska

A Christmas Railway Mystery

Edward Marston