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Desolate Souls - Forgotten Souls MC #1 - cover

Desolate Souls - Forgotten Souls MC #1

Kira Johns

Publisher: Kira Johns

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Love means loss. 
Alana Jacobs knows that better than anyone. After witnessing an unspeakable act of violence, she is left alone and afraid in a group home in Langley. Then she meets Jackson “Jax” Cade. In each other, they find a purpose in life, an unbreakable bond that will withstand the test of time… until that tie is severed. 
Some secrets are never meant to be kept. 
Jax is willing to do anything to protect his best friend, no matter the cost. What he doesn’t realize is that Alana is willing to do the same. When the truth comes out, devastation follows. Leaving Alana wasn’t Jax’s decision, but saving her was. 
Manipulation and deception go hand in hand. 
Paul Randall is the master of exploitation, capable of crawling inside the mind of his victims with ease. He will go to any lengths to get what he wants, and what he wants is Alana Jacobs. Falling in love with your prey is a game changer, but old habits are hard to break. 
Happiness always comes at a price. 
Hearts will be broken and pain will be inevitable, but losing yourself is irreparable. 
The characters in this story overcame horrific neglect and abuse, both mental and physical, and have taken extreme steps to survive during their journey through the darkness into the light.  
Due to graphic content and mature subject matter (explicit language, acts of violence, sexual content both consensual and not, drug use, prostitution and sex-trafficking), this book should not be purchased by readers under the age of 18 or the faint of heart.

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    The Eighteenth Futagirl Bundle in the series holds the following stories:  
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    Story 2 – The Visitors  
    Story 3 -  The Newest Frontier 
    Story 4 – The Sibling Connection 
    Story 5 – The Sibling Connection 2 
    Story 6 – The Sibling Connection 3 
    These stories are graphic in nature and are intended for adults only. All characters depicted are 18 or older. Enjoy
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    In this bundle, three young women bite off more than they can chew and find themselves at the mercy of hot alpha males. Passionate, powerful men coax these embarrassed young ladies to surrender everything. 
    Public Submission 7: Student 
    Twenty-year-old Anita Meyer has been the perfect student her whole life. So when she misses an exam that accounts for half of her grade, she is willing to do anything to make up for it. 
    There's only one problem. Professor Andres Keon isn't one to bend his rules so easily...  The domineering older man thinks everything needs to be earned. But after he lays eyes on her, he decides to give her a chance... if she is willing to submit. 
    Just how far is she willing to go to ace a class? Will she let him and his friends have his way with her? 
    Public Submission 8: Blindfolded 
    "There is a dungeon hidden beneath the castle where women are treated as playthings... humiliated in ways an innocent little thing like you cannot possibly begin to imagine... Hmm? What do we use? Ropes, whips, handcuffs, blindfolds, clamps, anything that can fit- Oh, are you blushing already? Come now, wouldn't you like to have a look?" 
    What? No! I'm not completely insane. Of course not. I'm here to work, not to check out some dungeon. 
    But my assignment did request a detailed look of everything... 
    Maybe a quick look wouldn't hurt. 
    Just one peek. 
    Public Submission 9: Tied Up 
    "Your husband owes us a lot of money, Mrs. Joy... Now, you could continue working eighteen hour days for the rest of your life, or you could come with me and settle the debt another way... Who knows, this might actually be fun for you." 
    What other way?  
    "Why don't you come and find out?" 
    I would much rather not.  
    "I'm willing to bet you will be changing your mind real soon, Mrs. Joy... real soon..." 
    There three steamy standalone short stories feature unapologetic alpha Doms showing young submissives their rightful place.
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  • The Virgin and the Masters - Part Three - Buying the Virgin #19 - cover

    The Virgin and the Masters -...

    Simone Leigh

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    Criminals from Charlotte's past are hunting her. And now they have kidnapped the wrong woman. 
    What will happen next? 
    An on-going BDSM tale of erotic romance between a young submissive woman and her two Masters. 
    Explict adult content. For mature readers only
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