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Circe's Recruits 20: Alex - Circe's Recruits 20 #2 - cover

Circe's Recruits 20: Alex - Circe's Recruits 20 #2

Marie Harte

Publisher: No Box Books

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Neither human nor animal, but something in between. And these Circs are hungry… 
Alex never asked to be made into a monster. He tried to help his sister right a wrong, and in the process he lost her and his humanity. Angry, hurt, and doing his best to adapt to his new “pack” family, he accepts that life will never be the same. He’s even found patches of happiness in a new sense of belonging. But until he gets vengeance for Katie’s death, he can’t find peace. 
Saving a group of kidnapped psychics with ties to his sister is a step in the right direction. Even better, one particular beauty promises to lead him to the enemy he’s been seeking. But will the price of his revenge come at the cost of the woman, and the family, he’s come to love? 
Warning: This book contains sexual content readers may find fascinating: group play, m/m/m, m/f, m+/f and more. Expect government conspiracies, underground fighters, genetic experiments, and Shifters unlike the kind you think you know. This book is not for the faint of heart. Enjoy!

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    Genre: Gay Teacher Student Erotica / First Gay Experience 
    Mexican Studies is an easy 'A' or so Mike thought until he saw his failing grades. Without a pass, he can kiss graduation and his high paying job goodbye.  
    If he wants to graduate, his fit and fine Latino teacher will have to give him an in depth gay Mexican education.  
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    Author's note: This is a full-length, standalone story. No cliffhanger.  
    Note: Title changed from Gay For A.
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  • Temptation's Rewards - A Family Four-Pack - cover

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    Includes: While the Cat's Away, The Mice Will Play, Cutting Ties, and Cutting Loose
    ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~
    “Okay,” said Cindy. “Strip.”
    “What? No,” Katherine said, turning red. “I'm not getting naked in front of you two.”
    “Really?” Cindy asked. “Well, if you insist,” she smiled, “we'll get Donny up here.”
    Katherine sputtered incoherently. Cindy hugged her aunt. “Kat, it isn't a sin to be proud of what God gave you.
    “Now I know, that Mom and Dad gave you nice clothes on Christmas and your birthday…”
    “Valentine's Day, too,” Dawn said helpfully.
    “Come on, Momma. Where did you hide the clothes Uncle Edward and Aunt Carol sent you?” she asked, her voice so appealing Kat gave up and pointed at the bureau.
    Dawn sprang to action, but was halted by Cindy's voice. “Dawn, you're your momma's size. How about you get some of your own things for her to try out?”
    Once she left, Cindy opened the drawers of the bureau, seeing layers of fashionable blouses and slacks, comfortable skirts and sundresses. Even a selection of lingerie; silk panties and bras folded neatly, some of them with the tags still attached.
    She met Katherine's gaze. “Let me help you, Kat,” she said softly.
    Katherine's eyes closed as she fought a visible battle within herself. Finally she lifted her hands and began to unbutton her blouse.
    In a few minutes, Dawn came pelting back into the bedroom, arms full of clothes. She looked at her mother and whistled. “Dang, Momma. You gave me an eyeful last night, but I forgot how gorgeous you are. Hmmm,” she said, riffling through the soft pile of fabric. “Oh, look at these,” she said, handing out a shimmering scrap of pale blue cloth.
    In moments Katherine was wearing a pair of silk panties, the waistband riding high on her hips, accenting the slimness of her waist. Before she could protest, her daughter had cozened her into putting on the matching bra.
    “There, doesn't that feel better?” her niece asked. She cocked an eye at her cousin. “Dawn, take your clothes off, will you? I want to compare you two.”
    Smiling, Dawn skinned out of her shorts and top. Side by side, mother and daughter looked in the mirror.
    “Good grief,” came Cindy's voice. She looked at the two of them, shaking her head.
    “Dawn might be an inch shorter. But the two of you are so close together you might as well be sisters. Even your boobs are the same size.”
    “They're not that big,” protested Kat.
    “Whatever they are, they're lovely. Kat, if you let me help you out, you'll be beating men off with a stick.”
    Kat glared at her feet and muttered something inaudible.
    “She said she doesn't want to beat men off with a stick,” Cindy said, her voice soft with sympathy. She turned to her mother. “Momma, Cindy's right. There is no reason you can't feel good about yourself. Why not be comfortable and look beautiful?”
    Cindy's head came to rest near her own, her breath warm in her ear. “You don't really have a choice, Aunt Kat. If you don't start wearing these nice clothes my parents bought you, I'm going to toss the old ones on a bonfire when you are at work tomorrow. Then what will you do?”
    Moving quickly, Kat picked out a pair of loose beige shorts from Dawn's pile of clothes and a light, rose-colored blouse Carol had sent her three years ago. Putting them on, she turned to her judges, asking for their approval.
    Cindy pursed her lips, a wicked gleam in her eye.
    “I have an idea,” she said.
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  • Lesbian Domination Bundle - 3 Stand Alone Stories! - cover

    Lesbian Domination Bundle - 3...

    Mistress Daria

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    These books contain Very Naughty Erotica themes of Lesbian BDSM, Bondage, Spanking, Humiliation Punishment, Domination and Submission as well as the use of BDSM devices.
    Book 1: "Tamed"
    Book 2: "Rocking Dominatrix"
    Book 3: "Secretary's Submission"
    From Book 2: "Rocking Dominatrix"
    This Hot Lesbian BDSM short is about Kathy, a fan who on a whim, got up on stage with the all female band Glam Slam. After she captured the lust of the two hottest members of the group, but she quickly finds out that the others were all submissive as hell. She then decides to use her luscious body and uninhibited Dominating sexuality to conquer the world of Lesbian rock. She soon discovers that show business is really filled with Lesbian Submissive’s just waiting to be controlled.
    Will you join Kathy on her lesbian conquests?
    Download "All 3 Hot Lesbian BDSM Stories" right now!
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  • Pleasure Planet - Adult Erotica - cover

    Pleasure Planet - Adult Erotica

    Sand Wayne

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    A Vintage Erotic Novel Involving a Sexy and Seductive Girl, Full of Sexual Adventures, Surprises and Twists.
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  • Kinky Claus - Kinky Chronicles #2 - cover

    Kinky Claus - Kinky Chronicles #2

    Jodi Redford

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    Trig Campbell knows a thousand ways to make a woman orgasm. Not a boast. He’s an escort. A damn good one.  But there’s one in particular he’s fantasized about having underneath him, screaming his name. Too bad she’s the last woman he can touch. 
    What's a girl to do when the escort she's hired for a corporate party turns out to be her best friend’s brother? In Marissa Wagner’s case—panic, of course. There’s no way she can go through with this. No way she should give in to the dirty, kinky cravings Trig brings out in her. But that’s exactly what she does...and neither of them is prepared for the eventual fall. 
    As their time together draws closer to an end, Trig is haunted by a question he’d never expected to face. What possible future can a gigolo offer a woman like Marissa? And can he let her go when the time comes?
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