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Midsummer Night’s Delights - Naughty Nobles #1 - cover

Midsummer Night’s Delights - Naughty Nobles #1

Kelli A. Wilkins

Publisher: Kelli A. Wilkins

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Midsummer Night’s Delights 
At this Midsummer Ball, couples pair up everywhere—but not for dancing! 
Young newlyweds Julian and Annabelle are miserable. Their arranged marriage is lacking everything—especially sex. Julian suffers from a lack of confidence and is harboring a secret urge. Innocent Annabelle’s longings go unnoticed and unfulfilled, no matter what she tries. 
But all that changes when they are invited to a Midsummer Ball. Their unconventional hosts, Vincent and Sabrina, introduce them to a world where their most intimate desires and hidden passions are explored—and fulfilled. Swapping and naughty games are just a few of the surprises awaiting them… 
Bonus! This e-book includes a sneak peek at the second book in the Naughty Nobles Trilogy:  MIDWINTER NIGHT’S DELIGHTS. 
This e-book was previously published by Amber Quill Press. It has been revised and re-released by the author.

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  • Me And Daddy's Forbidden Milking : Daddy's Milk 12 (Hucow Erotica BDSM Lactation Erotica Daddy Erotica Daughter Milking Erotica Breast Feeding Erotica Adult Nursing Erotica Taboo Erotica Incest) - cover

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    I'd signed up to be a star of a breast-milking website for some extra money but when I get there I'm in for a shock as I lay blindfolded on the table ready to be drained.  I enjoy the sensation of a beautiful milking, but when my co-star turns out to be my own father I'm more than a little shocked.
    The next scene calls for some hardcore sex but we don't want to let the crew know we're family.  Instead, Daddy and I keep up the ruse and he claims be in a bout of lactation erotica that sees him finish all over my face as the crew look on!
    Read An Excerpt
    With my eyes shut I could feel them working their way in to position, clambering under the table and arcing their head up towards my big, full tits.
    The milking part of the deal was something I'd been able to achieve with only a few days stimulation.  I guess my breasts were quicker to adapt than others because I had them dispensing milk in no time.  The guys had given me a website with instructions but were surprised when I got back to them so quickly.  I guess I was really keen for this money!
    As soon as the lips latched on to me I could tell it was a guy beneath me.  I guess it kind of had to be for the last scene, although I did tell them I wasn't averse to some girl-on-girl if they wanted.
    I closed my eyes as my tits were massaged in to my co-stars mouth, feeling my milk begin to drip from me in double-quick time, as though my tits knew it was their day to perform.
    He mouthed over me with wild abandon, letting them hang at intervals and dragging his hands over them like they were two huge udders, lapping up the dispensing cream and coming back hungry for more each time.
    With my eyes closed and overwhelmed by the serene sensation I damn-near fell asleep, but the juices flowing in my pussy were keeping me alert, and the thought of tackling the man beneath me was driving me wild.
    He sucked ferociously as all around us the crew watched.  At times I'd forget they were there and I'd let out soft moans that goaded my assailant on, enchanted by his stubble as it grazed over my nipple.
    He bit and squeezed at my bountiful tits, sending long jets of my milk coursing past his lips.  I could hear the squirt of cream hitting liquid as he held it in his mouth, swallowing it gladly and returning for more as my nourishing udders fed him.
    This went on for some twenty minutes before the director yelled cut, and I rose from the makeshift table, eager for the next scene.
    I jumped down to see the back of my pleaser as he talked to the director, and I was excited to see he was already completely naked.
    He had a large tanned back and black hair and looked quite muscly.  He was clearly one of the more attractive older guys and I couldn't wait to take his cock inside me.
    As I bit my lip at the thought my co-star span around, and it was then that my whole world dropped out from underneath me.
    I was stunned.  Words failed me and I opened my mouth to speak but couldn't say a word.  What the hell would you say if you'd just had your tits drained by your own father?
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    Chance Gold: 
     “If I want a woman, I order one.” 
    Chance Gold never met a woman he couldn’t walk away from, never met a challenge he couldn’t overcome, and never walked away from an opportunity to make money. With everything going his way, why should he change his ways, that is, until Olivia Grant saunters into his world and turns it upside down. 
     Olivia Grant 
    “Men are a pain to deal with. If I need a man, I can just reach for a battery and I’m good to go.” 
    Olivia Grant doesn’t believe in fairytales and Prince Charming and she doesn’t believe there is gold at the end of the Rainbow. Her girlfriend convinces her that if they just go to Alaska for a few months, all their troubles will be over. Against her better judgement, she goes along where she meets the irresistible, tall, devilishly handsome Chance Gold who will rock her world and have her reaching for the Gold.
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    Fire Extinguisher Man is here. The man of the hour, the guy with the advantage over all men. Join him in five new stories where he has fun and does what he does best. You know what that is, don't you? Hmm?
    Remember Tanya? He pops over to see her by train. They're soon doing more than exchanging text messages.
    A top London business lady insists on a contract with a difference. Follow it and the rewards are great. Will the gigolo succeed or crash and burn?
    Meet the two cousins, Elsa and Kalia. They are a right pair. Add Fire Extinguisher Man and it's a right knees up.
    Other stories include a fake TV interview and some European action. 
    Over 18s only. Get ready for action. Fire Extinguisher Man is here. Over to you.
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  • Breaking the Babysitter (Teen Taboo Babysitter Erotica) - cover

    Breaking the Babysitter (Teen...

    Rachel Whipps

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    John and Lisa have everything. Success, money, security. Everything except a nubile babysitter to fuck. Until now…  WARNING! This story is extremely explicit, with scenes of oral sex, threesome sex, girl on girl, and a pounding multiple climax. It is intended for mature, 18+ audiences only. “Breaking the Babysitter” will give you a climax you will never forget  Excerpt 
    	“The muffled sound I made as I came would have been much louder, were it not for John's throbbing member in my mouth. He pulled it out as the orgasm shook me, and beheld the tableau for a moment, appreciating that yes, he was one lucky fella. His cock bounced in my field of vision as I kissed around his balls and his upper thighs. 
    	Lisa moved her face up to mine and with dreamy eyes she whispered "Do you want my husband's cock inside you?" 
    	My eyes closed, but a slight nod told her that I did…”
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  • A Parting Gift - cover

    A Parting Gift

    Laura Lovecraft

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    Jay is excited to be leaving for college, but is going to miss his friends and family. He's also going to miss Wendy, his hot milf neighbor. He's been dreaming about Wendy since the day he met her and probably will even after he moves. What Jay doesn't know is Wendy's been doing some dreaming of her own and has a special parting gift for her cute neighbor.
    ~~~~~  Excerpt  ~~~~~
    “What’s the matter, Jay?” she asked, while touching my cheek and caressing my face with her long nails, “You shocked I played with my pussy in front of you?”
    “I…yeah.” I nodded, my heart pounding and my cock swelling between my legs.
    I wasn’t the only person turned on. Wendy’s hard nipples were obvious through the thin robe and her eyes were roaming up and down my body.
    “I did say I had another gift for you and that was part of it.” She stepped so close her breasts pushed against me. “The show you always wanted.”
    “Well I…”
    “I know you watch me. I’ve caught you so many times, you and all your friends staring at Wendy, the teasing milf.” she laughed, “Isn’t that right, Jay?”
    “Yes.” I answered softly as she placed her hands on my chest.
    “I am a teaser. I love it; I love men looking at me. I love knowing they get hard and either jerk off or bang their wives thinking of me.”
    She lowered her eyes and smiled. I followed her gaze and saw my hard on was obvious in my shorts. I gasped when she lowered her hand and grabbed it.
    “Oh, baby.” She purred, “This for your naughty neighbor?”
    “Oh, yeah.” I whispered as she rubbed my aching shaft through the shorts. Was she still teasing? Please don’t let her be teasing, I thought while she continued to rub me.
    “Good, because I have a nice wet hole that even getting off couldn’t slow down, because this,” she squeezed my pole, “Is what I really need.” She leaned forward and surprised me when she brushed her soft lips across mine, “See anything you need, Jay?”
    “I see…” I looked down and watched her hand rubbing my cock. I was ready to tell her I needed anything she wanted to give me, but stopped when my eyes found the silver band around her finger. “Wait.”
    “Wait?” Her blue eyes widened. “That’s not the answer I was waiting for.”
    “You’re married.”
    “Nothing gets past you, sweetie.” She laughed, “Don’t worry about it.”
    “But he…”
    “He knows.” She squeezed me again, “So let’s just have some fun.”
    “He’s okay with it?”
    “Yes.” She sighed and her hand stopped moving, but remained resting on my still hard shaft.
    “You’re a good kid, Jay you proved that by worrying about this, but Ron knows I need far more than he can give me and he’s okay with me fooling around when he is out of town, we never talk about it, but he knows.”
    “So you’re…a hotwife?” Holy shit, that damn perv Luke was right!
    Wendy laughed, “I suppose you can say that, but I like cougar better because I do love my cubs.” She resumed rubbing my shaft.
    “See baby, if I’m going to step out I don’t want to do it with another guy my age, I want a nice hard young one, a hung young stud who can bang me long and hard and as many times as I need it.”
    “Goddamn.” I gasped when she grabbed my wrist and shoved my hand into her robe.
    “I have to be careful though, can’t bring them here so I go out to bars, and find me a young boy to play with and grab a motel and let them bang me all night long.” She moaned louder when my fingers zeroed in on her swollen nipple and rubbed it.
    “I’ve had my eye on you, sexy.” She purred as she held her hand over mine pushing it harder against her tit.
    “Thought about giving you a special eighteenth birthday gift, but with you living next door, I’d be tempted to bang you all the time and I can’t do that.”
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