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Lustful Letters - The Lustful Trilogy #1 - cover

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Lustful Letters - The Lustful Trilogy #1

Maggie Adams

Publisher: Maggie Adams

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When the picture perfect wife of a prominent local businessman decides to let loose of her inhibitions, she begins a journey into the darker art of romance and sexual gratification. Through online chats and fetish forums, she explores the world of kink, from Dominance and submission to BDSM. Sensory deprivation, wax, fire, rope and knife play are ideas waiting to be experienced.  Then there’s the relationships with Daddy/littles, Master/slave, primal, puppy play, hedonists, and leather families. 
 She yearns to explore, and yet, fears the loss of her vanilla world, for once seen, it can never be unseen. Her solution is to conduct dalliances online, but it soon becomes apparent that this will not satisfy her cravings. So, she must choose to continue in cyberspace or take the leap and truly begin to live the life her body, and her heart, desires.    
                But not every kinkster is a good soul, and she learns the hard way that trust can be misplaced, the mind can be twisted, and those that seek the darker passions may have their own psychotic agendas.  Just like Alice’s wonderland, nothing is as it appears and what’s right is wrong and what is perceived as pain is, in fact, nirvana.

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    "I'm Dana." I smiled, taking his hand in my own for a moment. "Thank you so much- you have no idea how worried I was that no one would stop!"
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