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Attractive Tales for Guys - Grownup Going To Bed Compilation - cover

Attractive Tales for Guys - Grownup Going To Bed Compilation

Wynefrede Veldon

Publisher: Aphrodite Publishing

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Indulge in a collection of scintillating and seductive tales specifically crafted for the modern man in Attractive Tales for Guys - Grownup Going To Bed Compilation. This compilation features 10 tantalizing erotica shorts that will ignite your desires and leave you yearning for more. From passionate encounters to forbidden romances, each story is expertly written to captivate and enthrall, ensuring a steamy and unforgettable reading experience. With a blend of raw sensuality and emotional depth, these stories explore the complexities of desire and intimacy in a way that is both provocative and alluring. Whether you're seeking thrilling escapades or intimate moments, this collection promises to satisfy your every craving. Prepare to be swept away into a world of passion and pleasure as you delve into these enticing tales designed to spark the imagination and awaken the senses.
Available since: 05/23/2024.

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  • Crossdressing Stories - The Perfect Birthday Gift - cover

    Crossdressing Stories - The...

    Hellen Heels

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    Enjoy this CD short story! 
    “No, no, not at all. Please keep on talking. I love hearing your voice and your words.” 
    “You do?” 
    “Of course I do.” 
    “But you said you are feeling dizzy. Are you getting bored with me already?” 
    She sighed. “Mark darling, I am only commending you and the way you make me feel. Don’t you understand?” 
    “Okay, I think I do now.” 
    “So, what were you saying?” 
    “Yeah, it is about the dinner and birthday gift I have planned for you.” 
    “I see. And when would that be?” 
    “Anytime in the evening that would be convenient for you.” 
    “Okay. That means after I close from work?” 
    “Yes, Jenny. What time do you think you would be through today?” 
    “I should be done by seven this evening.” 
    “Okay. So we can meet by, say, eight?” 
    “Eight would be just perfect. Where would we meet?” 
    “There is on hotel on Melrose Street.” 
    “A hotel? You mean The Blue Bell?” 
    “Yes, that one.” 
    “Are you booking a room for us there?” 
    “A room? No, no, no, not that. I am booking a table for us at their restaurant.” 
    “Oh, I see. For the dinner?” 
    “Yes, just for the dinner.” 
    “I thought…anyway, never mind.” 
    “You thought what?” 
    “I thought that you would have booked a room for us there.” 
    “But Jenny, it’s just a private birthday celebration.” 
    “Yes, I know.” 
    “It is not a vacation, Jenny.” 
    “So, is that why you don’t think we need a room together?” 
    “Jenny. What do we need a room for when it is just a dinner?”
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  • The Theory of Deviance - The Portland Rebels Book 3 - cover

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    If it’s dark, deviant, and wrong, why does it feel so right?  Aspiring actress Krissy Porter longs to feel normal again—to finally shed her stage fright and fear of failure. And what could be more normal than dating the sweet, gentle musician she met at her sister’s wedding? Trouble is, she’s not sure how to explain the complicated friends-with-benefits situation she has with her hetero-flexible roommate, Rafe…   Mikey Pelletier longs for a normal life, too. But as a painfully shy, closeted bisexual virgin, he’s afraid that might not be in the cards for him. Winning the gorgeous Krissy’s heart would solve a lot of his problems. If only he wasn’t equally attracted to her sexy tattooed roommate…   A week trapped together in a snowstorm will give this threesome the opportunity to indulge in their deepest, darkest, most rebellious desires. But they’ll have to slay their inner demons—and lose their fear of deviance—first…   The Theory of Deviance, book 3 in the Portland Rebels series, is an ugly duckling, MMF, ménage contemporary romance story that’s deliciously steamy, surprisingly emotional, and unapologetically hot. If you’re ready for this unconventional love story about a strong bipolar heroine and the oh-so-sexy men of her dreams, download today.
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    Futanari Fantasy - Under Attack

    Hellen Heels

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    Futanari Fantasy - Under Attack
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  • Three of Hearts - Erotic Romance for Women - cover

    Three of Hearts - Erotic Romance...

    Kristina Wright

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    Three’s company? No, three’s a charm! Three of Hearts features sexy trios who are not just falling into bed, they’re falling (or have already fallen) in love. These stories explore the threesome dynamic emotionally as well as sexually. Whether it’s a couple introducing a third person to their relationship for just one night of fun or for a lifetime commitment, or a woman torn between two lovers who decides not to choose, the focus of this collection of sexy stories is entirely on female pleasure.
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  • Gender Swap 5 Book Bundle Volume 3 - cover

    Gender Swap 5 Book Bundle Volume 3

    Kinky Press

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    Five Gender Swapping Stories, One Hot Bundle! 
    Swapped and Frozen: 
    Andrew wakes up to find the horrible snowy curse of the Snow King has fallen over his kingdom and no innocent women left to sacrifice.  
    Swapped with the Wife: 
    No more missionary in a dark room for Mary and John. 
    They are about to explore one another’s bodies in a whole new way and experience sensations with all new and exciting body parts. 
    Swapped with my Crush: 
    I’ve been wanting my hands on her body for years. 
    This just isn’t how it played out in my dreams. 
    Waking up Tiffany’s body. 
    Swapped with My Housewife: 
    This is a home where a man’s word is law—no matter which of them is the man. 
    I’m used to giving the orders, so when my wife produces a pair of magic potions for the bedroom, she only demurely suggests we drink. A suggestion I will come to regret—or will I? 
    Swapped by My Fraternity: 
    Pledging this fraternity has been my number one priority, but am I willing to undergo this change… and what they expect me to do with my new body?
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  • Lesbian Cuckold and her Domme - Threesome BDSM First Time Erotica - cover

    Lesbian Cuckold and her Domme -...

    Ruby Roze

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    When Nell and Elise decide to share a dorm at college, it opens the door to a relationship with an exciting dynamic. Elise openly dates girls while Nell only has eyes for Elise and a desire to please her all the time. As they grow more comfortable together, it makes their intimacy even more exciting than they could ever imagine 
    All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.
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