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Virginia Woolf: The Complete Works - cover

Virginia Woolf: The Complete Works

Virginia Woolf, Classics for all

Publisher: Classics for all

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The Voyage Out (1915)
Night and Day (1919)
Jacob's Room (1922)
Mrs. Dalloway (1925)
To the Lighthouse (1927)
The Waves (1931)
The Years (1937)
Between the Acts (1941)

Orlando: a biography (1928)
Flush: a biography (1933)
Roger Fry: a biography (1940)

Two Stories (1917)
Kew Gardens (1919)
Monday or Tuesday (1921)
A Haunted House, and other short stories (1944)
Nurse Lugton's Golden Thimble (1966)
Mrs Dalloway's Party (1973)
The Complete Shorter Fiction (1985)

Mr. Bennett and Mrs. Brown (1924)
The Common Reader I (1925)
A Room of One's Own (1929)
On Being Ill (1930)
The London Scene (1931)
A Letter to a Young Poet (1932)
The Common Reader II (1932)
Walter Sickert: a conversation (1934)
Three Guineas (1938)
Reviewing (1939)
The Death of the Moth, and other essays (1942)
The Moment, and other essays (1947)
The Captain's Death Bed, and other essays (1950)
Granite and Rainbow (1958)
Books and Portraits (1978)
Women And Writing (1979)
383 Essays from newspapers and magazines

A Writer's Diary (1953)
Moments of Being (1976)
The Diary Vols. 1–5 (1977-84)
The Letters Vols. 1–6 (1975-80)
The Letters of V.W. and Lytton Strachey (1956) 
A Passionate Apprentice. The Early Journals 1887-1909 (1990) 
Freshwater: A Comedy (both versions) (1976)
Available since: 06/20/2022.
Print length: 1250 pages.

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    Tony took part in numerous missions, including covert operations in the Barents Sea. Before this mission, the crew of the submarine was advised that if anything went wrong it “never happened.” When things inevitably did go wrong, Tony emerged a hero. For many years afterward, he wasn't allowed to tell anyone where he had been or what he had done. Now in his eighties, Tony finally gets to tell his story.
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    “Read this book if you have ever loved and lost . . . It will inspire you.” —Monique Roffey, award-winning author of The Mermaid of Black Conch
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    The Damon Runyon Theatre Hour.  Damon Runyon is acknowledged as one of the great writers to come out of twentieth century America.  Runyon's short stories are almost always told in the first person by a narrator who is never named, and whose role is unclear; he knows many gangsters and has no job that can be gleaned from his musings, nor does he admit to any criminal involvement; He’s a bystander, an observer, an average street-corner Joe.  Runyon described himself as "being known to one and all as a guy who is just around".  That line seems to say a lot about Runyon and his life.  It was like you were with him on some street corner hustle or some shady dive and he was filling you in on all the angles, all the gossip, all of life. He was who so many people wanted to be with……or so many people wanted to be.  Of course, the cliché about newspapermen and writers is that they are heavy drinkers, chain-smokers, gamblers and obsessively chase women with a sideline in the gathering of stories and facts and actually getting something written just before the deadline hits. That seems like Damon Runyon and his life summed up in one sentence.  His stories became legendary ways of looking that bit differently at America, of soaking up the atmosphere of a glamorous and rip-roaring age and distilling it into a black and white type or, in our case, The Damon Runyon Theatre Hour.
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    Brian McGrory's life changed drastically after the death of his beloved dog, Harry: he fell in love with Pam, Harry's veterinarian. Though Brian's only responsibility used to be his adored Harry, Pam came with accessories that could not have been more exotic to the city-loving bachelor: a home in suburbia, two young daughters, two dogs, two cats, two rabbits, and a portly, snow white, red-crowned-and-wattled step-rooster named Buddy. While Buddy loves the women of the house, he takes Brian's presence as an affront, doing everything he can to drive out his rival. Initially resistant to elements of his new life and to the loud, aggressive rooster (who stares menacingly, pecks threateningly, and is constantly poised to attack), Brian eventually sees that Buddy shares the kind of extraordinary relationship with Pam and her two girls that he wants for himself. The rooster is what Brian needs to be-strong and content, devoted to what he has rather than what might be missing. As he learns how to live by living with animals, Buddy, Brian's nemesis, becomes Brian's inspiration, in this inherently human story of love, acceptance, and change.In the tradition of bestsellers like Marley and Me, Dewey, and The Tender Bar comes a heartwarming and wise tale of finding love in life's second chapter-and how it means all the more when you have to fight for it.
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  • God of His Word The: Audio Bible Studies - cover

    God of His Word The: Audio Bible...

    Kathie Lee Gifford, Rabbi Jason...

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    In this audio Bible study series, bestselling author Kathie Lee Gifford, Rabbi Jason Sobel, and Rod and Libby VanSolkema explore the story of God's creation, redemption, and provision through the stories of key figures in the Bible who encountered him. Each study will provide viewers with fascinating "behind the scenes" details and clips from oratorios featuring Kathie Lee Gifford and other well-known personalities that bring the story to life with contemporary orchestral arrangements, powerful narration, and touching visuals. 
    The God of His Word tells the story of the Creation and how the Word—Jesus—was there with the Father from the beginning. Viewers will learn about Jesus (the "Word") entering into the world, teaching the people through parables about the kingdom of heaven, calling of the disciples, treating his female followers with love and respect, and revealing to us today that all things are possible with God. (Cast for the oratorios include Danny Gokey, The Shindellas, the Gateway Church Choir, and the Nashville Gospel Choir.) 
    Sessions include:What the "Word" IsJehovah ElohimGod Had to Build a NationParables About the Kingdom of HeavenThe DisciplesWhat Jesus Did for Women 
    Coordinating study guide available separately.  
    The Audio Bible Studies series provides a unique audio learning experience. Unlike a traditional audiobook's direct narration of a book's text, this audio Bible study includes high-quality, live audio sessions from the author that cover important Bible-based topics. These sessions will reflect the ambiance of the unique recording locations, immersing the listener into the teaching. While not required for the audio experience, these studies are designed to partner with the coordinating study guide, sold separately.
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