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The golden whales of California and other rhymes in the American language - cover

The golden whales of California and other rhymes in the American language

Vachel Lindsay

Publisher: Good Press

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Vachel Lindsay's 'The Golden Whales of California, and Other Rhymes in the American Language' is a collection of poems that showcase his unique literary style influenced by the American Midwest. Lindsay's use of colloquial language and vivid imagery paints a picture of the rugged landscapes and diverse cultures of America. The poems touch on themes of nature, history, and the human experience, making them both accessible and thought-provoking for readers. Lindsay's use of rhyme and rhythm adds a musical quality to his work, making it a delight to read aloud. This collection is a prime example of American modernist poetry, with Lindsay's distinct voice shining through each verse. Vachel Lindsay, known for his performance poetry and advocacy for poetry as spoken art, drew inspiration from his travels across the United States. His deep connection to the American landscape and its people is evident in his works, including 'The Golden Whales of California'. Lindsay's passion for capturing the essence of America through poetry is reflected in this collection, making it a valuable contribution to American literature. I highly recommend 'The Golden Whales of California, and Other Rhymes in the American Language' to readers who appreciate poetry that celebrates the rich tapestry of American culture and history. Lindsay's masterful use of imagery and language will resonate with those who enjoy exploring the depths of the American experience through the lens of poetry.
Available since: 07/10/2023.
Print length: 56 pages.

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    You will meet people in your lifetime who demand to have poems written about them. It's not something they say. It's something about their hands, the shape of their mouths, the way they look walking away from you. 
    Honeybee is an honest take on walking away and still feeling like you were walked away from. It's about cutting love loose like a kite string and praying the wind has the decency to carry it away from you. It's an ode to the back and forth, the process of letting something go but not knowing where to put it down. Honeybee is putting it down. It's small town girls and plane tickets, a taste of tenderness and honey, the bandage on the bee sting. It's a reminder that you are not defined by the people you walk away from or the people who walk away from you.  
    Consider Honeybee a memoir in verse, or at the very least, a story written by one of today's most confessional poets. 
    Perfect for fans of Caroline Kaufman, Atticus, Clementine von Radics, Nina LaCour, Adam Silvera, and Becky Albertalli; or anyone interested in bisexuality, heartbreak, running away from your problems, and coming out.
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    Janet is unattached, beautiful and ambitious. Jeremy is a Gay, troubled self-made Irish billionaire, living with his partner David. Both are London based and are in Ireland for different reasons. However both become involved with the O’Byrne family.Janet is Crawford’s lead analyst on an aggressive takeover of the large fast growing O’Byrne family business. But all Crawford really wants is Janet.Jeremy has a secret. He has not ‘come out’ in Ireland. He dates Dorothy O’Byrne with an ulterior motive. He wants her along when he meets his mother twenty years after he ran away to London from his studies for the priesthood. But Janet discovers the bedside charms of Peter O’Byrne and Jeremy finds that Dorothy’s dominant approach turns him on.
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    Dr. Thomas Stockmann: Bob NeufeldMrs. Stockmann/First Citizen: Elizabeth KlettPetra: Amanda FridayEjlif/Fourth Citizen: Charlotte DuckettMorten: laurenburwellPeter Stockmann: Algy PugMorten Kiil: Nathaniel W.C. HigginsHovstad/Narrator: Libby GohnBillings: Kevin W. DavidsonCaptain Horster/A Drunken Man: David OlsonAslaksen: Arielle LipshawSecond Citizen: Lynne ThompsonThird Citizen: Tricia GAudio edited by Libby Gohn
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