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Serge Olivier MENKUIMB

Publisher: tredition

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The African Union and some organisations such as NEPAD have developed policies for the development of Africa to date. But these policies are not really effective when we consider the current African economic situation compared to the northern countries. A large number of African refugees are pouring into the north. One of the fundamental problems causing the non-implementation of these policies is the lack of a clear agenda that can trigger the development process and solve all other problems at once. The AFRICA 21st project proposes an agenda limited in space and time, which can solve all existing socio-economic problems or be a real way out of these problems in a specific time.
- Concept of construction of high standing houses accessible to any purse, intended for mass consumption
- Assembly of the houses in an industrial chain
- Priority is given to the villages before eventually expanding to the cities
- To improve and raise the living conditions of the peasant, the very basis of Africa.
- To revalue the peasant life through a unique architecture.
- To move to a modern era, which should necessarily come one day.
- To eradicate poverty.
- General electrification of the rural area.
- Abolish illegal immigration to the north by giving the African the ability and means to visit the whole world at will and if the need arises.
- Together we can make Africa greater by creating and achieving the most greatest African Dream of the 21st century.

Many great leaders, including Nelson Mandela, agree with the fact that:
" Vision without action is just a dream, action without vision just passes the time, and vision with action can change the world."
Available since: 09/09/2022.
Print length: 272 pages.

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