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The Greatest Christmas Poems & Carols in One Volume (Illustrated) - Silent Night The Three Kings Old Santa Claus Angels from the Realms of Glory Saint Nicholas - cover

The Greatest Christmas Poems & Carols in One Volume (Illustrated) - Silent Night The Three Kings Old Santa Claus Angels from the Realms of Glory Saint Nicholas

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, EMILY DICKINSON, Robert Louis Stevenson, Charles Kingsley, William Wordsworth, Walter Scott, William Butler Yeats, Rudyard Kipling, Sara Teasdale, Clement Clarke Moore, William Thackeray, James Montgomery, Thomas Hardy, John Milton, Alfred Tennyson

Publisher: Musaicum Books

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The anthology 'The Greatest Christmas Poems & Carols in One Volume (Illustrated)' presents a rich tapestry of festive verse that captures the spirit and reverence of Christmas through a diverse array of voices and literary styles. The collection brings together the works of renowned poets from various literary epochs, infusing traditional and romantic styles with the celebratory essence of Christmas carols and profound contemplations on the season's significance. Standout pieces range from the serene and solemn to the jovial and celebratory, creating a multidimensional portrayal of the holiday spirit, manifest in both word and illustration. The contributing poets—Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Emily Dickinson, William Butler Yeats, and others—represent a formidable cross-section of historical and cultural perspectives spanning several centuries. This assemblage not only reflects the individual styles and thematic concerns of each poet but also illustrates broader literary movements such as Romanticism, Victorianism, and early Modernism. These poets collectively contribute to an enriched understanding of Christmas traditions, embedding personal and cultural narratives into the fabric of the holiday. This volume is essential for readers seeking to immerse themselves in the multifaceted representations of Christmas in poetry. Illustrated to enhance the reading experience, it offers educational insight into the evolution of Christmas literature and its varying expressions across time and cultures. Scholars, students, and anyone with an appreciation for poetic holiday reflections will find this collection a worthy addition to their library, providing a unique lens through which to explore the richness of holiday verse.
Available since: 04/20/2017.
Print length: 76 pages.

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    An unsettling play about infidelity seen from the perspective of the three women involved: the wife, the lover and the daughter.
    George and Honor have been happily married for thirty-two years. She is a successful writer, he is a revered columnist. They have a perfect understanding of each other. Until a pushy young female journalist - on an assignment to 'profile' George - quite deliberately seeks to undermine that understanding. The fallout is dreadful - but beautifully and convincingly portrayed in all its painful consequences.
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    Alan Seeger was born on 22nd June 1888 in New York.  When he was one the family moved to Staten Island and nine years later onwards to Mexico for two years.   
    After attending several elite preparatory schools he enrolled at Harvard in 1906, where he also edited and wrote for the Harvard Monthly. 
    He graduated in 1910 and went to live the life of a bohemian in New York’s Greenwich Village, and thereafter moved to Paris to continue his poetry writing in the Latin quarter.  
    War’s looming dark shadow was to have a transformative effect on the young poet and on 24th August 24th 1914 he joined the French Foreign Legion so he could fight for the Allies. 
    On American Independence day, 4th July 1917 whilst urging on his fellow soldiers in a successful charge at Belloy-en-Santerre he was hit several times by machine gun fire and died. 
    His poetry was published posthumously later that year, it although not a great success his poem ‘I Have a Rendezvous with Death . . .’ is now regarded as a classic. 
    On the sixth anniversary of his death a memorial to the American volunteers was unveiled in the Place des Etats-Unis.   
    The memorial was created by Jean Boucher who had used a photograph of Seeger as his inspiration.   
    Also inscribed upon it are Seeger’s moving words: “They did not pursue worldly rewards; they wanted nothing more than to live without regret, brothers pledged to the honour implicit in living one's own life and dying one's own death. Hail, brothers! Goodbye to you, the exalted dead! To you, we owe two debts of gratitude forever: the glory of having died for France, and the homage due to you in our memories.” 
    1 - The Poetry of Alan Seeger - An Introduction 
    2 - I Have a Rendezvous with Death by Alan Seeger 
    3 - Resurgam by Alan Seeger 
    4 - The Hosts by Alan Seeger 
    5 - Ode in Memory of the American Volunteers Fallen for France by Alan Seeger 
    6 - Maktoob by Alan Seeger 
    7 - On a Theme in the Greek Anthology by Alan Seeger 
    8 - Sonnet I by Alan Seeger 
    9 - Sonnet 3 by Alan Seeger 
    10 - Sonnet 5 by Alan Seeger 
    11 - Sonnet 6 by Alan Seeger 
    12 - Sonnet 8 by Alan Seeger 
    13 - Sonnet 10 by Alan Seeger 
    14 - Sonnet 11 by Alan Seeger 
    15 - Sonnet 12 by Alan Seeger 
    16 - Sonnet 14 by Alan Seeger 
    17 - With A Copy Of Shakespeares Sonnets On Leaving College by Alan Seeger 
    18 - Juvenilia, An Ode to Natural Beauty by Alan Seeger 
    19 - Tezcotzinco by Alan Seeger 
    20 - On The Cliffs Newport by Alan Seeger 
    21 - Do You Remember by Alan Seeger 
    22 - All Thats Not Love by Alan Seeger 
    23 - I Loved.... by Alan Seeger 
    24 - Fragments by Alan Seeger 
    25 - The Need To Love by Alan Seeger 
    26 - Champagne 1914-1915 by Alan Seeger 
    27 - Paris by Alan Seeger 
    28 - Introduction and Conclusion of a Long Poem by Alan Seeger
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    It takes a village to tell this joyous send-up of a holiday/variety show in the small village of Spiddal*, Ireland. Shay Duffin tells the heartwarming tale of his sixth Christmas Eve, when his missing-in-action brother returned to Dublin at midnight to surprise his whole family during World War II. Irish limericks, songs, and even a visit from an American Yankee, Santa Claus.   
    (*Spiddal was the name of a village in Ireland, because there was a Hospital there.) 
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    P. T. Barnum exposes some of the chief humbugs of the world with his usual entertaining style. He looks at medicine and quacks, ghosts, witchcraft, religious humbugs, money manias, adventurers, personal reminiscences, and much more. (Summary by Barry Eads)
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  • Sea The - An Element in Verse Volume 2 - cover

    Sea The - An Element in Verse...

    Percy Bysshe Shelley, John...

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    Who does not remember the immortal lines from childhood – ‘Break Break Break On Thy Cold Grey Stones’.  The seas and oceans have a mystical power over us; from a playful day at the beach to the hysterical waves of the storm, this always changing element evokes both beauty and fear.  Its great mass, its shimmering beauty, its raging howl and all in colours from blue to grey to green and crystal clear.   In these collections of verse our poets – including Tennyson, Swinburne, Keats and Shelley and many others explore the relationship between ourselves and the great mystical waters.  Among our readers are Gideon Wagner and Ghizela Rowe.
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    LibriVox volunteers bring you 20 recordings of After Long Grief by Madison Cawein. This was the Weekly Poetry project for July 22, 2012.Madison Cawein was a poet from Louisville, Kentucky. His father made patent medicines from herbs. Cawein thus became acquainted with and developed a love for local nature as a child. His output was thirty-six books and 1,500 poems.  His writing presented Kentucky scenes in a language echoing Percy Bysshe Shelley and John Keats. He soon earned the nickname the "Keats of Kentucky". (Summary from Wikipedia )
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