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Daddy's In My Holes #13 - 22 Steaming Hot Incest Stories - cover

Daddy's In My Holes #13 - 22 Steaming Hot Incest Stories

Samantha LaCroix

Publisher: Taboo Books

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You want some hot daddy-daughter action?
Get ready for 22 hot and hard daddies banging the daylights out of their tiny little daughters! Those holes get pounded so senseless, they're unrecognizable the next day!
It's all in here!
~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~
Collin's sitting on the couch, playing a game on his PS4. He turned the volume down so as not to disturb Vanessa, his 18-year old daughter, who's studying for her class.
Vanessa sits in front of her Liberal Arts textbook, trying to read the words but not able to. She can't concentrate.
You know, Vanessa always thought that her daddy was pretty easy on the eyes…
But Vanessa shouldn't think that way! She's 18, an adult now, and besides that she's a virgin. She's never even been with another guy before, let alone had sex with one. So she really has no idea what she's talking about.
But still…a girl can dream, you know. A girl can dream.
Collin's noticed that ever since Vanessa turned 18, she's been flirting with him. That much is obvious. But what's not obvious is what he should do about it. She's been hinting at things lately…every time they're watching TV together she might point to the diaper ads and say how cute those babies look. Or maybe a sex scene will come on and she'll snuggle up to Collin, leaning her head against his shoulder.
In either case it's all he can think about, and he doesn't know what to do. He just wishes something would happen between them, something to decide his fate one way or another.
Collin gets up, feeling tired from all this heat. He looks around, sees how messy the house is.
"Vanessa," he says. "Come help me tidy the living room."
So Vanessa gets up from her work and goes to join her daddy in the living room. They work together, putting away movies, folding up blankets. Vanessa's spent many a night watching TV with her daddy, laying her head down on his lap, wishing he would touch her just a bit more. Now, being so close to him she feels nervous, her heart beating fast in her 18-year old body, yearning for him to be inside of her.
Collin stops working when he sees Vanessa staring at him.
"Sweety?" he asks, straightening up, their eyes locked together.

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