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River House - Poems - cover

River House - Poems

Sally Keith

Publisher: Milkweed Editions

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“This heartbreaking and robust poetry collection . . . explores the complexity of the mind in the midst of grief” (Publishers Weekly, starred review). 
These are poems of absence. Written in the wake of the loss of her mother, River House follows Sally Keith as she makes her way through the depths of grief, navigating a world newly transfigured. 
Incorporating her travels abroad, her experience studying the neutral mask technique developed by Jacques Lecoq, and her return to the river house she and her mother often visited, the poet assembles a guide to survival in the face of seemingly insurmountable pain. Even in the dark, Keith finds the ways we can be “filled with this unexpected feeling of living.”
Available since: 04/21/2015.
Print length: 96 pages.

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    Nature’s year begins.  Temperatures slowly rise.  Green gradually becomes the dominant colour of the landscape.  Rain from drenching showers to windy squalls help nourish the land.  Nature has embarked on her epic symphony of the year.   
    Each year, each season, each day is a little different from her previous work.  Days lengthen as her canvas and palette grows more confident. Colour emerges from the shades of monochrome.  She is at work on tasks everywhere. 
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    01 - Fifty Shades of Spring - An Introduction 
    02 - The Year's at the Spring by Robert Browning 
    03 - A Spring Poem from Bion by Eugene Field 
    04 - A March Snow by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 
    05 - Very Early Spring by Katherine Mansfield 
    06 - The Life of Love - Spring by Kahlil Gibran 
    07 - Lines Written In Early Spring by William Wordsworth 
    08 - To A Daisy Found Blooming March 7th by John Hartley 
    09 - A Shropshire Lad XXIX - The Lent Lilly by A E Housman 
    10 - March by John Payne 
    11 - Daffodils by William Wordsworth 
    12 - March by A E Housman 
    13 - Song of Haiwatha (Extract) by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 
    14 - March - An Ode by Algernon Charles Swinburne 
    15 - A Light Exists in Spring by Emily Dickinson 
    16 - Sonnet XLIII. The Malvern Hills, March 12th 1835 by Henry Alford 
    17 - In March by Archibald Lampman 
    18 - These, I, Singing In Spring by Walt Whitman 
    19 - Spring by Alfred Lord Tennyson 
    20 - Next Years Spring by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe 
    21 - The Message of the March Wind by William Morris 
    22 - April by Algernon Charles Swinburne 
    23 - Love Like An April Day Beguiles by James Bland Burgess 
    24 - An April Love by Alfred Austin 
    25 - It Was An April Morning Fresh and Clear by William Wordsworth 
    26 - An April Fool by Alfred Austin 
    27 - Stanzas April 1814 by Percy Bysshe Shelley 
    28 - April Evening, France, April 1916 by John William Streets 
    29 - In Springtime by Rudyard Kipling 
    30 - A Petition to April, Written During Sickness by Susanna Blamire 
    31 - The Soul of April by Bliss William Carman 
    32 - April by Sara Teasdale 
    33 - Here by the Brimming April Streams by Phillip Henry Savage 
    34 - The Idlers Calender - April - Trout Fishing by William Scawen Blunt 
    35 - An April Day by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 
    36 - April 1844 by Henry Alford 
    37 - Over the May Hill by Ella Wheeler Wilcox 
    38 - Song on May Morning by John Milton 
    39 - May Day by Edith Nesbit 
    40 - It is Not Always May by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 
    41 - Slow Spring by Katharine Tynan 
    42 - Ode Composed on a May Morning by William Wordsworth 
    43 - A Calender of Sonnets - May by Helen Hunt Jackson 
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    49 - May Song by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe 
    50 - A Little Madness in the Spring by Emily Dickinson 
    51 - May Magnificat by Gerard Manley Hopkins 
    52 - May 1918 by John Jay Chapman
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    The Damon Runyon Theatre Hour.  Damon Runyon is acknowledged as one of the great writers to come out of twentieth century America.  Runyon's short stories are almost always told in the first person by a narrator who is never named, and whose role is unclear; he knows many gangsters and has no job that can be gleaned from his musings, nor does he admit to any criminal involvement; He’s a bystander, an observer, an average street-corner Joe.  Runyon described himself as "being known to one and all as a guy who is just around".  That line seems to say a lot about Runyon and his life.  It was like you were with him on some street corner hustle or some shady dive and he was filling you in on all the angles, all the gossip, all of life. He was who so many people wanted to be with……or so many people wanted to be.  Of course, the cliché about newspapermen and writers is that they are heavy drinkers, chain-smokers, gamblers and obsessively chase women with a sideline in the gathering of stories and facts and actually getting something written just before the deadline hits. That seems like Damon Runyon and his life summed up in one sentence.  His stories became legendary ways of looking that bit differently at America, of soaking up the atmosphere of a glamorous and rip-roaring age and distilling it into black and white type or, in our case, The Damon Runyon Theatre Hour.
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  • Marquis de Sade's Midsummer Night's Dream Conceivable - cover

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    Full-Cast Audiobook! 
    Go Beyond Your Wettest Dreams... as If You Are Penniless and Yet Listening From Outside the Globe Theater! 
    In the last decade of the 16th century, William Shakespeare could not dare write A Midsummer Night's (Wet) Dream unabridged. By the happenchance of his birth-century, The Bard wrote in a poetic 'Shakespearean Code', hinting at sexualities and paraphilias he fully intended to compose and expose his Elizabethan audience to. His intended 'erotica for every fetish' morphed instead into a 'humane and wise drama' by happenchance.  
    But What If? there was a multiversal reality where the Marquis de Sade deciphered the Shakespearean Code during his long stay at the lunatic asylum at Charenton. But now Ophelia T'Wat, living in a much more sexually accepting century, can reach across realities to snatch these pages from the bloody quill of the Marquis and finally, fatefully publish the Wettest Midsummer Night'sDream conceivable! 
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