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The Little Book Of Bonsai - Types Styles Care Pruning Growing Tips Tools Does and Dont's - cover

The Little Book Of Bonsai - Types Styles Care Pruning Growing Tips Tools Does and Dont's

Russ Chard

Publisher: Zenibo Publishing

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Bonsai growing is an artform that originally started in Egypt and was copied by China hundreds of years ago.

Trade and cultural links between China and Japan meant that part of the two countries exchange of ideas and traditions involved gardens and Bonsai in Chinese known as 'punsa' - in English 'tree in a pot'.

Japanese garden enthusiast Russ Chard has put together this book 'The Little Book Of Bonsai ' to explain lots of aspects of this beautiful and eye catching art form that is very popular all over the world. It could well serve as the inspiration for you to become a Bonsai grower and cultivator perhaps as a new hobby or becuse of a long standing ambition to take it up as a hobby.

Subjects covered in this book include:
- History of Bonsai
- What IS A Bonsai?
- What Type Of Bonsai To Choose To Grow
- Styles Of Bonsai
- Sizes Of Bonsai
- Indoor Bonsai
- Outdoor Bonsai
- Bonsai Care
- The Basics Of Effective Bonsai Care
- How To Repot A Bonsai Tree
- Outdoor Bonsai Tree Care
- Indoor Bonsai Tree Care
- Bonsai Maples
- Growing A Japanese Maple From A Seed
- History Of Japanese Maples
- How To Grow A Dwarf Acer
- How To Cultivate & Grow Bonsai From Seeds
- Artificial Bonsai Trees
- Bonsai Maintenance
- Bonsai Plants
- How To Try & Revive A 'Dead' Bonsai
- Misconceptions About Bonsai Trees
- The Advantages Of Growing Bonsai
- Starting Your Own Bonsai Growing Project
- Pruning
- What Type Of Bonsai Pots Should I Consider?
- More On The Importance Of Repotting
- Tools And Accessories For Bonsai Growing
- The Numerous Ways To Get Your Bonsai Equipment (at a good price!)
- The 6 Do's And Don'ts Of Bonsai

'The Little Book Of Bonsai' explains in simple terms the many aspects of Bonsai and how you can easily by learning the basics start growing your own for outdoor and indoor beauty.

Easy to understand and follow this is the complete mini-course in Bonsai growing.
Available since: 07/04/2023.
Print length: 120 pages.

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    These classic patterns can also be stitched up in alternate colors to be suitable all year round. Festive projects, from all-new felt ornaments to cheerful stockings, make beautiful tree trimmings and treasured gifts for family and friends.
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