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Secrets of Power Negotiating 25th Anniversary Edition - cover

Secrets of Power Negotiating 25th Anniversary Edition

Roger Dawson

Publisher: Career Press

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“This is perhaps the best book on negotiating ever written. Roger’s powerful, practical principles will save or make you a fortune in the months and years ahead.” —Brian Tracy, author, Eat That Frog! and Million Dollar Habits “This is the one negotiating book that really opened my eyes and gave me practical tools I could use immediately.” —Timothy Ferriss, bestselling author of The 4-Hour Work Week “A fast, entertaining read that should be required reading for anyone who deals with people. Highly recommended.” —Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager “I can’t believe it! Here’s a book that is packed with wisdom that will help anyone improve their life and yet it is easy and fun to read! Amazing!” —Og Mandino, author of The Greatest Salesman in the World Roger Dawson changed the way business thinks about negotiating.Secrets of Power Negotiating covers every aspect of the negotiating process with practical, proven advice, from beginning steps to critical final moves: how to recognize unethical tactics, key principles of the Power Negotiating strategy, why money is not as important as everyone thinks, negotiating pressure points, understanding the other party and gaining the upper hand, and analyses of different negotiating styles. Discover all of Roger’s best tactics, including: 20 surefire negotiating gambitsListening to hidden meanings in conversationWhat “powers” you have, such as situational, expertise, information, or charismaticHow to handle the different personalities you’ll encounter in negotiating
Available since: 10/01/2021.
Print length: 352 pages.

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    Anger kills...every day...through a host of ailments such as depression, stress, broken relationships and heart disease. Yet its victims often never know what hit them.Though there’s no quick fix for this silent killer, Dr. Dick Tibbits’ groundbreaking research reveals a solution: forgiveness.In celebration of its 10th anniversary, this revised and updated edition of Dick Tibbits’ powerful book shows you how to forgive insight by insight, step by step in a workable plan that can effectively reduce your anger, improve your health and put you in charge of your life again, no matter how deep your hurts.In this book you will:•,Come to a new understanding of what causes you pain.•,Discover what forgiveness does and doesn’t mean.•,Take steps to reframe your grievance story (yes, you have one).•,Stop giving control of your life to people from your past.•,Understand the difference between guilt and shame.•,Get your life and maybe even your health back.•,Find the freedom, peace, and strength you've never had.By learning the 10 Principles of Forgiveness you’ll come to realize, as thousands of others have, that Forgive to Live is not just a dream it’s a way of life that can actually save your life!Dr. Dick Tibbits has worked in the field of behavior and spiritual health for over forty years. He is a licensed professional mental health counselor, an ordained minister, a certified clinical pastoral educator, as well as an author and sought after speaker. Currently, he is an executive coach for hospital leaders and a performance coach to some of the world’s premier motorsports racers. He holds a doctorate in psychotherapy from Andover-Newton Theological School as well as an M.Div. degree from Andrews University.
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    Are you struggling to find ways to manage your stress and anxiety?
    Do you want to finally put a stop to self-destructive thoughts and find self-love?
    Life can be hard and it's easy to get overwhelmed.
    It's normal to feel stress, anxiety, pain, and other difficult emotions from time to time. But when these feelings start to take over your life, it's time to do something about it.
    You've probably been told time and time again that meditation is good for you. But, it can be hard to get started, especially when you don't know how to meditate correctly.
    Guided Meditations for Mindfulness and Self Healing is here to help!
    Guided meditations are a great way to manage stress and anxiety, and improve your overall wellbeing.
    These beginner meditation scripts are designed to help you manage your stress, find relief from pain, and achieve mindfulness. And with regular use, you'll find yourself feeling happier and more content with your life!
    In this book, you'll discover:
     - A happier and more peaceful life: Put those unruly thoughts to rest and make way for peaceful tranquility. Find yourself constantly in a state of zen while reading these meditation scripts!
     - How to effectively manage stress and anxiety: Keep those panic attacks at bay with these scripts that are proven to help with relaxation! Feel the tension leave your muscles and find inner peace.
     - Meditation scripts to change your life: With each script targeting a different aspect of your life, you can choose the perfect script for your needs.
     - Relaxation whenever you want: Feel free to read these scripts when you wake up, before bed, or during your work break!
    It's time to say goodbye to anxiety, stress, and trauma and hello to inner peace, healing, and self-love.
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