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Rich Cole

Publisher: Seagull Editions Srl

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When John Blair’s mother dies unexpectedly, he never expects to inherit a mansion in the English countryside. His mother never mentioned anything about the mysterious manor, or even that she was from England.
John and his wife Marika travel to the house to check it out and discover a paradise where their every want and need is fulfilled, almost as if they have stepped into another world. But strange occurrences soon begin. The enigmatic groundskeeper is reluctant to let them leave, and every time they try, they end up getting hurt. Something seems to have drawn John to the house and is trying to keep him there against his will.
Things only become stranger when John starts hallucinating a mysterious woman crawling out of the garden pond, coated in black slime. He knows his blood connects him to the house and his mother has left him a clue somewhere, but how can he find it when the house itself seems to be trying to stop him? Will it be enough to break the curse which has followed him across generations? And how will he and Marika escape with their lives?
Available since: 03/22/2023.

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