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The Fourth Decision - The Maximized Entrepreneur - cover

The Fourth Decision - The Maximized Entrepreneur

Randy H. Nelson

Publisher: ForbesBooks

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In this book, The Fourth Decision, we seek to become maximized, expanding the time horizon for our entrepreneurial dreams to an entire lifetime, realizing that a high percentage of entrepreneurs simply never retire—they just work differently as they age. Having done the work and reaped significant rewards as successful entrepreneurs over the past decade or so, we now turn to What’s Next (?!) for our companies and our own lives.  Maximized entrepreneurs (ME) are those who make a conscious choice to commit proactively to a lifetime career as an ME, determined to top out as the successful and fulfilled architects of their own entrepreneurial lives by strategically aligning every axis of their lives for maximal impact.  The ME fully embraces their drive toward full potential, both for themselves and their organization(s) through a commitment to entrepreneurial and organizational leadership development. Utilizing collaborative and proven decision-making tools I have developed over the past decade, we will move forward together in The Fourth Decision with a new or enhanced application of discipline in both your personal and professional lives ... remembering always that ... you get one entrepreneurial life to live.
Available since: 02/07/2023.
Print length: 512 pages.

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    Learn to create a lasting impression through the tried-and-true technique of expert storytelling that gets media attention today.
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    Powerful lessons on how to build and sustain your own "killer brand"  
     Creating and sustaining a good brand is the most complex and perilous task any business will ever face, yet nothing is as misunderstood. Under the direction of marketing wizard David D’Alessandro, John Hancock transformed itself from a sleepy old life insurer into a leading financial services giant, with a sustained 20% annual rate of growth. In Brand Warfare, D'Alessandro draws on his personal experience as a brand-builder and examples from America's smartest and most foolish corporations, developing principles that you can use in any market. At the same time, he creates an entertaining picture of the marketing business with anecdotes that convey a keen sense of the absurdities of corporate life, balanced by a tremendous respect for the consumer.  
     This tough-minded, funny, and refreshingly candid book gives you a proven roadmap for marketing success as you learn:  
     *Why every business needs a good brand to compete *Why consumers need good brands as much as good brands need them *Why sycophancy from the agency and meddling from inside the company will sink your campaign every time *About sponsorship: how to avoid being taken, and how to make the investment pay for your brand *Why it's as important to market your brand to your employees as it is to your customers *Why every business decision should be filtered through the prism of the brand
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    The chasm separating managers from leaders is widening, because the responsibilities of leaders, and the skills required to be effective in the role, are growing in number and complexity. But you are ambitious. You want to cross that chasm. And your organization needs you to cross it in order to build its bench of leaders who will lead with empathy and humanity and ground the organization's strategies in a broader sense of mission and purpose.The Leap to Leader is your trusted playbook for making the biggest jump of your career. Foregrounded by compelling stories of those who've made the leap, this book describes what it takes to become a confident leader. Successful CEOs and other C-suite leaders share their strategies and tactics for building a loyal following, winning promotions without asking for them, developing a legacy by helping others make the leap to leader, and much more.Written by Adam Bryant, creator and former author of the iconic Corner Office column in the New York Times, now managing director at The ExCo Group, The Leap to Leader draws on his work with hundreds of fast-rising executives and shares the leadership-development frameworks, tools, and approaches that have helped these leaders succeed.
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