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Letters to Benvenuta - cover

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Letters to Benvenuta

Rainer Maria Rilke

Publisher: Philosophical Library/Open Road

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This collection of letters by the renowned Austrian poet offers a rare glimpse into his private life and his relationship with the woman he called Benvenuta.In January of 1914, Rainer Maria Rilke received his first letter from a Viennese correspondent who had discovered his story collection, Tales of the Dear Lord God. A sudden and intense exchange of letters followed which would eventually put the famous poet in touch with the woman he would never meet. Nearing forty and separated from his wife, Rilke was ill and depressed when his correspondence with Magda von Hattingberg began. A concert pianist many years younger, she was also alone. Von Hattingberg told the story of their brief but dramatic attachment in her book Rilke and Benvenuta. Now their story is made complete with Letters to Benvenuta, a series of letters written by Rilke during a sojourn in Paris.
Available since: 10/04/2022.
Print length: 98 pages.

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    Trend journalist, on-air host, and lifestyle expert Hilary Sheinbaum explores the incredible life-changing benefits of abstaining from alcohol for one month and provides a comprehensive guide to help you tackle Dry January, Sober October, and other booze-free challenges. 
    For many people, the holidays bring too much fun, too much food, and too much booze. January can be the perfect time to embrace the new you—and it all starts with taking a break from the bottle . . . but this challenge isn’t limited to the month of January.  
    The Dry Challenge is ideal for anyone who wants to complete a dry month challenge, giving up all forms of alcohol—wine, beer, spirits and cocktails, including no shots, no low ABV cocktails, and absolutely no champagne toasts—for thirty-one days.  
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