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The Lazy Project Manager and the Project from Hell - Back in the comfy chair for more productive lazy wisdom and then off to the time machine to save the worst project in history - and all before tea time - cover

The Lazy Project Manager and the Project from Hell - Back in the comfy chair for more productive lazy wisdom and then off to the time machine to save the worst project in history - and all before tea time

Peter Taylor, Michael Finer

Publisher: Infinite Ideas

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In The Lazy Project Manager and the Project from Hell, Peter Taylor applies the lazy project management technique introduced in his Kindle bestsellers The Lazy Project Manager and The Lazy Winner to a project that has gone seriously wrong. Based on a workshop Peter has been delivering for several years, the information provided allows you and your team to undertake your own Project from Hell workshop where you analyze the problems and prepare an improvement plan that will be the basis for rescuing the project. The authors provide substantial information about ‘The Project from Hell’, including its background, start-up, progress and events. Although the workshop is based around an IT project the issues discussed and lessons learned are applicable across a wide range of projects: it could be a marketing campaign, new product introduction or other project-based activity. By engaging with this fascinating case study you and your team will equip yourselves to escape from project hell and find the path to project heaven. The authors have between them more than 25 years of project management experience. Peter Taylor is a dynamic professional who has achieved notable success in business. He is also an accomplished communicator, leader and professional speaker, popular around the world for keynotes and as an event host. The Lazy Project Manager was a Kindle bestseller and a page one bestseller in the business category on With Infinite Ideas he also published its follow-up, The Lazy Winner. More information can be found at his website,, and through his free podcasts in iTunes. Michael Finer is founder and managing director of Dylanmae, a training, mentoring, education, consulting and support operation with a focus on project intelligence and Corporate Performance Management.
Available since: 11/03/2014.

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    ABC News anchor Dion Lim’s empowering workplace communication strategies for women in any industry
    “As women, we’re constantly told to speak up, lean in, and be a badass . . . We absolutely should. We must! But we have to execute these things in the right way.”
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    From 1661 to 1664, France was mesmerized by the arrest and trial of Nicolas Fouquet, the country’s superintendent of finance. Prosecuted on trumped-up charges of embezzlement, mismanagement of funds, and high treason, Fouquet managed to exonerate himself from all the major charges over the course of three long years, in the process embarrassing and infuriating Louis XIV. The young king overturned the court’s decision and sentenced Fouquet to lifelong imprisonment in a remote fortress in the Alps. 
    A dramatic critique of absolute monarchy in pre-revolutionary France, Embezzlement and High Treason in Louis XIV’s France tells the gripping tale of an overly ambitious man who rose rapidly in the state hierarchy—then overreached. Vincent J. Pitts uses the trial as a lens through which to explore the inner workings of the court of Louis XIV, who rightly feared that Fouquet would expose the tawdry financial dealings of the king’s late mentor and prime minister, Cardinal Mazarin. 
    “A compelling account of a political drama in mid-seventeenth century France, but it is also a window into the process by which rule of law gradually became established . . . [and] I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.” —EH.Net 
    “Pitts’s book examines the show trial of Fouquet, and…the political process that created such an unfair outcome for a man who is often seen as one of the most well-known scapegoats in French history. Pitts has succeeded masterfully in weaving a powerful narrative that exposes convoluted corruption and mismanagement of ancient régime France.” —Renaissance Quarterly
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    How To Start, Get Government Grants, Market & Write a Business Plan for Your Small Business 
    * A complete overview of everything need to start your Beekeeping business 
    * What supplies you'll need and where to get them 
    * A step by step action guide to starting your business 
    *Selecting your business structure 
    * How to write a professional Business plan 
    * How to get Colossal Cash Crowdfunding 
    * Get Government Grants a step by step guide 
    *How to get a SBA Loan of up to 5 Million Dollars with a average loan amount of over $300,000!!! 
    * Zero Cost & low cost Marketing that could reach Millions! 
    * How to protect your Beekeeping business  
    "An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." 
    Benjamin Franklin 
    Just think, for less than the cost of 1 movie ticket you can get the knowledge you want to start an amazing adventure! 
    So take advantage of this amazing offer today! Don't wait... You'll wait your life away...
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    This book presents a new way of leading by looking to traditional waka navigators or wayfinders for the skills and behaviours needed in modern leaders. It takes readers on a journey into wayfinding and leading, discussing principles of wayfinding philosophy, giving examples of how these have been applied in businesses and communities, and providing action points for readers to practise and reflect on the skills they are learning.
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    Would you like your organization to innovate more? Start with your management practices. 
    You might never have seen innovation in management. You are not alone. 
    Learn to create an environment where people can innovate. See how to use the organization’s purpose to manage for better outcomes. Free people to work better and faster. 
    Based on research and backed up by personal stories, you'll see how modern managers practice innovation. 
    Through questions and stories, learn how you can:Create management teamwork at all levels.Reduce management decision time.Manage for effectiveness to promote innovation.Plan by value.Welcome experiments and learn from them.Move from change management to embracing change.And, much more. 
    With its question and myth, each chapter offers you options to rethink how you can create management innovation. Change your practices and free the people to deliver better outcomes. 
    Become a modern manager. 
    Learn to lead an innovative organization. 
    For the supplemental materials pdf, either download it here or download it from
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