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Dark Allies Dark Adversaries - cover

Dark Allies Dark Adversaries

Oz Mari G., S.J. Powell

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Beliza never knew who her parents were, or what being cared for felt like. For twelve years, she endured neglect, hunger and hostility from her caretakers and the villagers. Threatened with exorcism, she leaves despite having nowhere to go and nothing to her name.
At the edge of the woods, she encounters a mysterious woman they call the Chief Katalonan, who entices her to find answers to the mysterious experiences in her life. Together with eight other kids, Beliza finds herself in a Katalonan training camp to learn about the intertwined ethereal and corporeal worlds, Hiwagaan and Sansinukob.
Here she finds that as a Katalonan, a conduit between the gods, elementals, and humans, she faces the daily choice of keeping the balance between the two worlds. And for someone who had nothing, she can now wield the power over light and dark.
Beliza finds a father figure in her elemental guide, Tamauro, and learns how to battle dangerous, dark entities, as well as her own childhood traumas. Soon, she and her friends must face unknown adversaries sent by Sitan, the lord of darkness.
Are they prepared for the cost this war will exact from them? A life and friendship.
Available since: 02/22/2023.
Print length: 356 pages.

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    water drivers, and fire makers are all treasured jewels
    in the royal collections. That is, when they're found.
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