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Beadle's Dime National Speaker Embodying Gems of Oratory and Wit - Particularly Adapted to American Schools and Firesides - cover

Beadle's Dime National Speaker Embodying Gems of Oratory and Wit - Particularly Adapted to American Schools and Firesides

Daniel Webster, Edward Everett, Theodore Parker, C. H. Spurgeon, Alfred Domett, Metta Victoria Victor, Bishop Whipple, George E. Pugh, Owen Meredith

Publisher: Good Press

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Beadle's Dime National Speaker, Embodying Gems of Oratory and Wit, presents an exquisite assembly of rhetorical mastery and intellectual brilliance, drawing from a diverse array of literary styles and contexts. This collection captures the essence of 19th-century oratory, blending political discourse, social commentary, and poetic elegance. Within its pages, readers encounter an array of themes from liberty and justice to the subtleties of wit and humor. The anthology stands out for its inclusion of speeches and writings that have shaped public opinion and inspired generations, showcasing the power of words in shaping the course of history. The contributing authors and editorsDaniel Webster, Edward Everett, Theodore Parker, and othersbring a rich tapestry of backgrounds, uniting prominent figures renowned for their eloquence, political acumen, and literary prowess. Collectively, their contributions reflect the intellectual ferment of the 19th century, touching upon pivotal movements such as abolitionism, religious revivalism, and the early feminist struggle. Their voices, though varied, share a commitment to the articulation of profound truths and the pursuit of justice through eloquence. Beadle's Dime National Speaker offers readers a unique vantage point into the interplay of ideas and ideologies that have left an indelible mark on American culture and rhetoric. It invites scholars, students, and enthusiasts of history and oratory to delve into a curated selection of texts that not only enlighten but also entertain, fostering a deeper appreciation for the art of public speaking and the enduring value of wit. This anthology is an indispensable resource for those seeking to comprehend the complexities of historical discourse and its impact on contemporary thought.
Available since: 10/19/2023.
Print length: 82 pages.

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    Almost one factor in our lives causes us pain or overwhelming emotions. One such factor 
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