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Boiling Point - Government Neglect Corporate Abuse and Canada’s Water Crisis - cover

Boiling Point - Government Neglect Corporate Abuse and Canada’s Water Crisis

Maude Barlow

Publisher: ECW Press

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Passionate and cogent, this could be the most important book of the year for Canadians
We are complacent. We bask in the idea that Canada holds 20% of the world’s fresh water — water crises face other countries, but not ours. We could not be more wrong. In Boiling Point, bestselling author and activist Maude Barlow lays bare the issues facing Canada’s water reserves, including long-outdated water laws, unmapped and unprotected groundwater reserves, agricultural pollution, industrial-waste dumping, boil-water advisories, and the effects of deforestation and climate change. This will be the defining issue of the coming decade, and most of us have no idea that it is on our very own doorstep.
Barlow is one of the world’s foremost water activists and she has been on the front lines of the world’s water crises for the past 20 years. She has seen first-hand the scale of the water problems facing much of the world, but also many of the solutions that are being applied. In Boiling Point, she brings this wealth of experience and expertise home to craft a compelling blueprint for Canada’s water security.
Available since: 09/19/2016.

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    From award-winning author Lee Hayes -- an erotic exploration into the lives of African-American gay men and their desires for love and acceptance.Unapologetically raw in its approach to the sexual lives and happenings of African-American gay men, Flesh to Flesh is a gritty, pulsing view into a demographic that is often demonized andcondemned. These stories provide a rare, true revelation of how gay men are faring in an age where sensuality is a major factor in everyday media and consciousness.What do gay men feel about life, love, relationships, and intimacy? For anyone who has wondered about the passion between two men, this explosive, sexually charged anthology peelsback the layers to show what lies beneath modern stereotypes and homophobia. With contributors such as Lee Hayes (Passion Marks, A Deeper Blue and The Messiah), L.M. Ross (Manhood and The Long Blue Moan), and Dayne Avery (I Wrote This Song), the stories in Flesh toFlesh reveal deep emotions and a powerful commitment to life and love.
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    The curious history of a tiny town that all but disappeared . . . Includes photos!   Founded by a famously scheming New Hampshire governor, Glastenbury struggled for over a century to break triple digits in population. A small charcoal-making industry briefly flourished after the Civil War, yet by 1920 Glastenbury counted fewer than twenty inhabitants.   The end came officially in 1937, when the state, following a spirited debate, formally disincorporated the town. Yet Glastenbury’s legacy lives on in Tyler Resch’s lively and amusing history. Follow Resch as he chronicles the community’s compelling, if always precarious, existence.   From mysterious murders and curious development schemes to the township’s eventual annexation by the US Forest Service, Glastenbury tells the ultimately redemptive tale of a community that lost its political status, only to gain a national forest.
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    This book is a wonderful compilation of materials dealing with generational curses and we believe that it would be a wonderful asset for your library. It would also serve as a powerful guide and source for teaching on this subject. Most people believe that when they accepted Christ into their life that all curses against them were dealt with and broken. This is a correct statement, but let?s look at Joshua the successor of Moses. He was promised the land but he still had to go in and fight for it. This holds true for us today because the word in Matthew 11: 12 states that, the Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force. As we will find out from this study, there are actions that have been done by some people who have brought a curse against their bloodline. This must be dealt with before they can be completely free to fulfil the call of God on their life. Rev. Agbo demonstrates that he has devoted much study to this subject and wants only to present the truth. Most people shun this subject of generational curses and would rather not be exposed to it. We were touched and blessed by the powerful prayer at the end of the book and recommend this man of God to any church or organisation to speak on this subject. Again, this book will compel you to live a holy life; totally dedicated to God. It deals with all areas of life.
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    What would life be like if you committed to something larger than yourself? Find out in the newest book from global transformation thought leader Lynne Twist.  
    How does one person make a difference in the world? People constantly seek to discover meaning in their lives, but as humans take on the challenges facing us in this decade and beyond, we're searching for it now more than ever.  
    Living a Committed Life demonstrates the power of dedication that goes beyond the self and teaches how to live a committed life that enables you to draw on resources and capacities from your most authentic self. In five parts, Lynne Twist shows how to make and keep commitments, engage in individual and collective action, and discover ways to connect and collaborate to make a difference.  
    By sharing stories and perspectives from her life, Twist reveals her unique experience as a thought leader and activist in multiple causes, from ending world hunger and protecting the Amazon rainforest to empowering women's leadership. The book presents the guiding principles that have enabled her own success and that turn inspiration into action for everyone.
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    Are you ready to create your future with US citizenship and looking for an exhaustive study guide that covers all the necessary materials for acing the US Citizenship Test? 
    Look no further. Keep reading! 
    This ultimate guide is designed to provide a thorough understanding of the information required for the US Citizenship Test. Prepare yourself for an outstanding performance through meticulous preparation and detail-oriented learning. 
    An Updated Edition Tailored to the 2024-2025 Test Requirements. 
    This comprehensive guidebook offers these benefits: 
    - In-depth insights on achieving US Citizenship 
    - Detailed examination of the 2024-2025 US Citizenship Test 
    - Effective strategies for examination preparation and performance 
    - Practice tests with detailed answer keys for each section 
    Our guidebook differentiates itself with exhaustive coverage, crucial for your examination success. The concepts are explored in-depth, not just superficially. 
    What sets this ultimate study guide apart is the added feature of 200+ practice questions with exhaustive answer explanations, which provides ongoing reinforcement for you. 
    You will find our study guide easy to comprehend as it strategically structures each section, resulting in seamless transitions from one topic to the next. The language style is precise, readable, and technically accurate, ensuring you never lose grasp of your learning process. 
    So, why wait? Click the BUY NOW button, secure your guide, and set out on your journey to US citizenship today!
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  • Amazing Inventors: A2 (Collins Amazing People ELT Readers) - cover

    Amazing Inventors: A2 (Collins...

    Silvia Tiberio, Fiona MacKenzie

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    The inspiring stories of 6 people who changed history. 
    Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of the printing press 
    Louis Braille, creator of an alphabet for blind people 
    Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone 
    Thomas Edison, inventor of the electric light bulb 
    Guglielmo Marconi, inventor of the wireless system 
    John Logie Baird, inventor of the television 
    Word count: 6,805 
    Headword count: 726 
    PLUS: visit for videos, teacher resources and self-study materials. 
    This book is Level 1 in the Collins ELT Readers series. 
    Level 1 is equivalent to CEF level A2. 
    About the Amazing People series: 
    A unique opportunity for learners of English to read about the exceptional lives and incredible abilities of some of the most insightful people the world has seen. 
    Each book contains six short stories, told by the characters themselves, as if in their own words. The stories explain the most significant parts of each character’s life, giving an insight into how they came to be such an important historic figure. 
    After each story, a timeline presents the most major events in their life in a clear and succinct fashion. The timeline is ideal for checking comprehension or as a basis for project work or further research. 
    Created in association with The Amazing People Club. 
    About Collins ELT Readers: 
    Collins ELT Readers are divided into four levels: 
    Level 1 – elementary (A2) 
    Level 2 – pre-intermediate (A2–B1) 
    Level 3 – intermediate (B1) 
    Level 4 – upper intermediate (B2) 
    Each level is carefully graded to ensure that the learner both enjoys and benefits from their reading experience.
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